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TawneeCOfWanderingEyes PRO
TawneeCOfWanderingEyes February 10, 2016
excellent composition
MadameMadFish February 10, 2016
Thank you! :)

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Behind The Lens

The fireplace was shot at Drayton Hall Plantation in Charleston, SC. Everything else was added later in post processing, including the wallpaper. The character in this image is actually myself and that portion was shot at my home.
Both portions of this image were shot in the afternoon, but on different days. I prefer to use natural light and I tried my best to keep the lighting consistent between the two composited images.
What I love about this photo is the natural light that is shinning through the window and door frame. You can't see the window or door in the image, but you still know they're there. I think it brings balance to the subject and heavy shadows to the left of the fireplace.
I used a Nikon D5100 and a tripod.
I am very much an introvert and I think introverts often get a bad rap, being labeled as shy or anti-social, but that's not necessarily true. We just tend to internalize everything, so we come across as quiet. I wanted to show that no matter how people see you on the outside, there is beauty within all of us. So I tried to convey that message by creating a "Wallflower." Her awkward body language is partially hidden in the shadows, while at the same time her inner beauty is revealed with the bright yellow sunflower blossoming out of her.
Most definitely! I used Photoshop to composite my images. The girl, wallpaper, and picture frame were added in post-processing. I also created an infinity mirror effect by duplicating the image and scaling it down to fit within the frame. Finally, a vignette was added to draw your eye to the center, where the subject is.
In my camera bag
I don't carry a lot of equipment with me. All I need is a camera, tripod, and sometimes a wireless remote.
Don't be afraid to experiment. This particular concept changed quite a bit from the initial idea to the final image. Concept photography is fun, but it can be frustrating if you limit yourself. It helps to sketch out your ideas so you can visualize where to begin, but don't be afraid to deviate from the original idea. You're allowed to break your own rules. ;)

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