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Staff Winter Selection 2015
Superb Composition
leewright_0459 BlackDennis doruoctavian tracyburroughsbrown aplrichard NIKONINJECTION jimboz +7
Peer Award
Jstrutchen philtarg barbararybolt RobynC virgiljlee CharlesPSchaefer LavanyaMahesh +3
Top Choice
sherwinbonifacio EricvanderTas paulomacedo Leonarditti robmacom dotharrison skyglider63 +1
Outstanding Creativity
emilyrebeccanorris julianschmidt DaphneHollingsworth Mij Karen3836
Absolute Masterpiece
Dalecga Fabiana scouse39 lisamartin 1Ernesto
Great Find
Superior Skill
Magnificent Capture

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Anything Birds Photo ContestTop 20 class
The Emerging Talent AwardsTop 10 class
World Photography Day Photo ContestTop 10 class
World Photography Day Photo ContestTop 10 class week 2
World Photography Day Photo ContestTop 30 class week 1
We Love Animals Photo ContestTop 20 class week 1
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gerigivenstaylor Premium
gerigivenstaylor April 16, 2016
One of my favorite birds!

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Behind The Lens

This is a picture of a Waxwing, a winter visitor to Britain, this was taken in my back garden.
I love this picture as I had never seen this bird before. I had come home from work to find my husband so excited about seeing it as it is quite a rare bird to see, so it must have been around 12.30 in the afternoon when I took this picture.
This was taken in a hurry for fear of the bird flying away, so it is simple day light , nothing else.
I used a Cannon 550, with a long lens. no tripod just the fence post to lean on.
My husband inspired me to take this picture. He is a keen bird watcher. He was over the moon that I managed to get the picture.
I did a little processing to it, just a little de saturation.
In my camera bag
I usually have my macro lens 100mm. a wide angle lens, the kit lenses. im sorry I am still quite an amateur so dont really know the specs of the lenses. I just love to experiment with them when im out and about.
The only advice I have is to just go for it, have fun with your kit.

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