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AlanJakarta June 03, 2014
Great eye closeup & title. Congratulations.
WileKyK June 03, 2014
Great perspective. Congratulations on your Feature!
traceprinslooreppin June 03, 2014
...congrats on your Feature :-)
iceman2 June 03, 2014
Beautiful capture of light in the eye.ongrats!
Capture-Life June 03, 2014
bahahahaa... I LOOOVE taking eye captures .. and you nailed this one .! I love your sons freckles ! :):) wonderful work :):) and congrats!
sweetpea72 June 03, 2014
fantastic shot, Congrats! :)
tcr18h June 03, 2014
Great ring flash catchlights.!
serenaleblond June 03, 2014
drakkardarkblade June 06, 2014
LaurenHeinatz June 06, 2014
Awesome capture. Congrats on your feature!
cmorisset June 08, 2014
Well done, lovely capture and a well deserved bravo!
raegi June 10, 2014
Great Shot! I like your ring-flash-light!! :-)
Juut1973 June 11, 2014
In the detail, great shot!
Revan117 June 23, 2014
Love it! I already love eyes but this is so captivating!
karlhurst June 24, 2014
great detailing....wonderful
vojce July 04, 2014
great bravo
rpsrathore September 18, 2014
Great Closeup Congrats
jennymol28 March 24, 2015
beautiful close up! what camera do you use, if you don't mind?
hopekathryn April 24, 2015
I. Love. This. So. Much.
Bettybitch April 27, 2015
Wicked pic .... An eyes view
paulstevenson April 28, 2015

Apple of my Eye

One of our son's , our children are all precious
One of our son's , our children are all precious
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at home in the family room here in the North East of England in the UK
It was taken late afternoon after our children returned home from school
None other than it was taken in a family room which is flooded by natural light sunlight then only other introduced light was a ring flash
My trusty Canon 600D using a sigma 17-70 lens and my bargain meike FC100 ring flash and my trusty manfrotto Tripod .
My children are one of my inspirations, so much fun, laughter and carefree attitude to life , heart melting smiles their eyes express the joy of life and also lighten our lives .
Apart from cropping the image , i played around with the image with a pseudo hdr software, increasing the Dramatic light which increased the texture of the skin highlighting his freckles and eyes
In my camera bag
I carry two cameras my every day use canon 600D and my second back up a canon 700D , lenses sigma 17-70 , tamron 17-50 and a fun lens samyang 8mm fish-eye numerous batteries and a rain cover for the camera all packed neatly in my crumpler camera bag .
I am an amateur only started with photography five years ago when i started with full blow tourette syndrome , i started as a means to help me get out of the house and tap into being creative. I dream about images i want to take and find inspiration in the simplest of things , looking at life with a learning eye never afraid to go against the norm .

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