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rikfreeman September 15, 2013
Stunning shot.
bunlee September 15, 2013
Thank you!
Shawnzilla September 15, 2013
this is amazing
bunlee September 15, 2013
Thank you!
AliAlzuhair September 15, 2013
bunlee September 15, 2013
TomK September 15, 2013
Wow. Great shot.
bunlee September 15, 2013
Thank you!
SuperT22 November 12, 2013
very cool shot
bunlee February 03, 2014
Thank you!
lito February 03, 2014
Good work!
bunlee February 03, 2014
Thanks! Lito!
Ujjwal February 04, 2014
WOW!!! Stunning Capture.Congratulation.
bunlee February 05, 2014
Thank you very much!!
cmorisset February 21, 2015
bunlee February 23, 2015
Thank you!
sebastianmuglia February 22, 2015
I said: absolute masterpiece!
bunlee February 23, 2015
Thank you so much!
KevinSSmithPhotography July 26, 2015
I knew this was mount baker! Awesome, fantastic, cool! I went out there at about 2am a few weeks ago but the moon was a bit too bright for anything worth while.
Anyhow, I really appreciate this image.
bunlee July 28, 2015
Thank you so much! Mt. Baker is great for nightscapes photo!! I love it there! =D
karthikswot July 27, 2015
Great Masterpiece! I also want to learn Long Trails...

Long Wait

Composite image with 2 different exposures: 2 minutes for the light trail. And 30 seconds for the night sky!!

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Composite image with 2 different exposures: 2 minutes for the light trail. And 30 seconds for the night sky!!

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Behind The Lens

On Mount Baker in Washington State, USA
There are some light source from the distance off season ski resort. But it didn't have too much impact for this light trails shot. So the main light source is coming from the head and tail lights of the car/cars.
Canon 7D with a Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 on Tripod, no flash
I've been wanting to have photo of light trail for a long time. And this evening I head down to Mt. Baker for some night photography with a friend from Hong Kong. And we found this curvy road from a high up on the way to the top while we were scouting locations for some astrophotography. So we got sometimes and found the right spot and wait for the night to come.
The foreground was captured with ISO200 144sec @ f/2.8 and it captured the night sky with a short startrails. But it was too short that it doesn't look very good. So I did another shot with a correct exposure for the milkyway. It was ISO2500 30sec @ f/2.8
In my camera bag
Canon EOS 6D, T3i, EF 24-105mm f/4L, EF-S 15-85mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM, EF 200mm f/2.8L, Samyang 8mm f/3.5, Samyang 14mm f/2.8, Circular Polarizer, ND filter (both 77mm). Interval Timers, 2 x Tripods, And sometimes a Motion Dolly for taking time lapse photos
For light trails photography, it really depends on the location you pick in term of the how much traffic there is. On one hand you want it to be darker to have a longer time exposed the shot. On the other hand, the later it is, the less cars on the road. And maybe having a backup plan in mind if you are shooting with someone... I am talking about driving your own car onto the road and have someone press the shutter release button for you..... Like I did!!

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