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davidrelph July 13, 2015
Awesome pano
chuckrickman July 13, 2015
Terrific job. Congrats on being featured.
Remraf July 13, 2015
gkeith1 July 13, 2015
Your milky way images are spectacular, love the way you used the cave to frame your subject
Ozride July 13, 2015
Awesome shot mate, love it!
AliAlzuhair July 13, 2015
Stunning work!
Arzhtatiana July 13, 2015
VHiggins July 13, 2015
absolutely stunning! congratulations on your Feature!
aardvarksrule July 13, 2015
Wow, awesome composition, Nice work.
SusiStroud July 13, 2015
Amazing capture. Congrats on being featured!
mandeepchhabra July 13, 2015
mdsphotoimages July 13, 2015
Perfect framing for a perfect image spot on
kkat July 13, 2015
Absolutely Amazing!! Congratulations!!!
thenickelwell July 13, 2015
Incredible. Congrats on being featured
Dave_Bomb August 07, 2015
andycolhoun August 15, 2015
This is stunning!
ChantalHarvey September 03, 2015
Amazing, what a fantastic photograph!
Vikktor September 12, 2015
mstansfield September 15, 2015
Stunning, I really love the composition and how the arch of the Milky-way mirrors the curve of the waterline
MattSelbyPhotography November 23, 2015
Amazing work, well done!
ShifraG June 21, 2016
Beautiful! Congratulations on being featured!

starry cave

Panoramic of the milky way arch in the cave of Cala Luna. Sardinia. The beach of Cala Luna, positioned within the wide Golfo di Orosei, is made up of coarse, li...
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Panoramic of the milky way arch in the cave of Cala Luna. Sardinia. The beach of Cala Luna, positioned within the wide Golfo di Orosei, is made up of coarse, light-coloured sand mixed with stones. Its waters are transparent and of a changing blue due to the plays of light created by the sun reflected on the seabed: a further spray of colour is offered by the green of the vegetation that hems the beach.
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Behind The Lens

In Cala Luna (Moon bay in english) in Sardinia, east coast, in the area of Baunei Dorgali.
It was about 2.30 am on 25th April 2014
There was light pollution coming from Cala Gonone, 5km at north, but I lit the cave softly with my torch light, about 10 seconds.
I used a Canon 500D with the Tokina 11-16, exposure was 30" f2.8 iso 3200 at 11mm
I always wished to create a panoramic of the milky way in a special place such as this sea cave, and since no one else had done night shots in the location I wanted to be the first.
Yes, a lot of hours for post processing the panoramic, and a lot of time to processing with photoshop the sky, the milky way, reducing noise, and the final result for the web.
In my camera bag
Now I have the great Sony a7II, my samyang 14 2.8, perfect lens for nightscape, and my panoramic head, panosaurus 2, It can not miss of course my torch light and the tripod.
First, plan your shot, search on google maps the location and study the composition. Check the weather and especially that it is a moonless night, or possibly arising or sunsets at times when you allow almeono a few hours of darkness to take the milky way. Choose carefully the composition and prepares the equipment for taking all the photos for the panoramic, repeat this process several times, trying to change the ISO, or changing the composition, often the best photos are those not required.

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