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19 Comments | Report
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta March 27, 2015
Excellent sharp & detailed shot of the Pilot & the flight deck. Congratulations on being Featured.
Remraf March 27, 2015
Great shot!
kasper PRO
kasper March 27, 2015
Congrats on your feature. Very timely.
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 27, 2015
Cool shot, congrats
deniseabela March 27, 2015
This. Is. Awesome!
chuckrickman Premium
chuckrickman March 27, 2015
Cool shot. Congrats on being featured.
akhtarkhan March 27, 2015
Wonderful cockpit detail.....amazing interior view .......excellent capture. Congrats on the feature.
GBloniarz PRO+
GBloniarz March 27, 2015
Far too many buttons for me, but, a very exciting & interesting image in light of recent events! Congrats on being Featured! PS. Where's the co-pilot?
Prive April 01, 2015
Thank you! I was the Co-Pilot!
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud March 27, 2015
Great shot!!! It's always amazing to see the technology in the cockpit. Congratulations on being featured.
LanieSpottedBird2015 March 27, 2015
Prive April 08, 2015
thank you al for your very kind comments likes and awards. Be sure to follow me as I'm doing a country a month this year for photography!
LCdutch PRO
LCdutch April 10, 2015
Incredible shot! Tack on sharp.
1guysportsphotography April 25, 2015
Great Capture, Did you use a Tilt / Shift Lens as there is a lot of detail / DOF for f/2.8?
lindywalker May 02, 2015
awesome shot
onnyva August 12, 2015
It's amazing. Nice to see the detailed cockpit and it's panel. What kind of plane it is?
DavyQuo PRO+
DavyQuo September 14, 2015
great work ... congrats on feature
johnallenpictures July 15, 2017
Great photo Have always wanted to do a cockpit one.
PeterTaylor-PHOTOGENIX July 16, 2017
Fantastic shot.. what is the aircraft?
MikeBoyle PRO+
MikeBoyle August 03, 2018
Congratulations on your amazing photo. Absolute masterpiece

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Behind The Lens

Picture was taken at 37000ft. We were flying towards Malta in Europe. I
I remember getting up and thought maybe i should just take a picture of the scene as it was . Took this picture at 1600 UTC.
Well this light was particularly harsh as the cloud reflected most of the light back into the lens. I took two exposures and later merged them in post processing.
Canon 6D with a wide angle 16-24mm lens.
Ive seen a few pictures of the flight deck and i thought maybe i should try it. Now that winter is coming, Im hoping to catch the Northern Lights as we cruise a long
The only post processing I did was merge one normal exposed picture and one slightly underexposed so as to avoid blown highlight. I then proceeded to Increase the Clarity in Photoshop
In my camera bag
Canon 6D , 4 spare battering. 24 - 104 L series Lens, 16 - 24 f2.8 lens and my tripod. Keep it Simple!
First of all you have to gain access to the Flight Deck. Unfortunately this day and age its impossible. I do feel bad little Children can't come up front. However that does not mean when we touched onto terra firma their not allowed!

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