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28 Comments | Report
twilight65 August 04, 2013
awesome shot!!..love old books!...
timothydenehy August 05, 2013
Thank you
JSEPULVEDA August 21, 2013
nice shot is it in hdr.
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta August 22, 2013
Superb well-constructed still life. Congratulations.
jleiweke August 23, 2013
tsambaproductions August 24, 2013
Rl1956 August 28, 2013
perfect composition and lighting
MadHatter66 January 20, 2014
Love it! Well done...
drakkardarkblade January 20, 2014
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
brentmorris PRO+
brentmorris January 20, 2014
What a compelling image, very well done!
ronzaccardi January 20, 2014
wonderful photo. I love the warm nostalgic feel!
redwriter PRO
redwriter January 20, 2014
Great creative shot. Congrats. - Jake
BrianpSlade January 21, 2014
A very well thought out image...This might have looked rather good also with the camera set on a tripod using a long exposure..mono would also rock!
Well done and congrats!...Brian
ArtQ January 21, 2014
Congrats on your finalist award.
SarahKeates PRO
SarahKeates January 21, 2014
Very nice work! Congrats!
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 January 21, 2014
Very cool capture and edit! Congrats on being a finalist!
conick47 January 21, 2014
Awesome shot! Congrats!
believeit2receiveit January 21, 2014
Congratulations on being a finalist! Nicely done!
Marian PRO+
Marian January 22, 2014
Awesome shot!! Congrats on being finalist!!
beckydenehy January 22, 2014
Wow Tim,
Very Awesome!!!!! I'm proud of you!
cathymohney January 22, 2014
Love this one! Congratulations!
Tainia_Finlay January 23, 2014
Outstanding! Congratulations!!!
Joey_Howard January 23, 2014
Love this photo !!
JDLifeshots January 27, 2014
Great shot!
kathleenweetman PRO+
kathleenweetman December 13, 2014
RMPANDITPHOTO August 25, 2015
Nostalgia of twinlense camera.
waltjurek September 13, 2015
Have you considered submitting this to the "Books" photo challenge?
Iconoscope October 29, 2015
Nice composition! The "Tower" trademark was one of the Sears-Roebuck brands, back in the mid 20th century. But I don't know who actually manufactured the TLR shown. I bought a Tower brand SLR in the early 1960s that was made by Pentax.
timothydenehy October 29, 2015
Thank you:)
FrostbittenImages March 13, 2016
This is the life I'd choose for myself. Love it.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my home, I have collections of old antiquities.
I took this photo during the day indoors.
This was an HDR photo so every photo was shot at a different shutter speed.
Canon 4d mk3 50mm Prime
Ever since I was a kid I have loved the Indiana Jones movies, it has inspired me to travel the world in search of adventure. My inspiration for this photo came by accident, me, my wife and our children were planning for another trip to Europe and we set our passports on this hutch in our dining room. One day I had walked by and thought wow if I just added some old currency I had acquired from my travels this would make an awesome Indiana Jones/Adventure photo.
This photo is made up of 7 individual shots, I processed them into an HDR photo as I was really going for the soft aged look as if the items had been sitting for years in a study.
In my camera bag
Canon 5d mk3 70-200 2.8 5mm Prime Flash
My advice would be that creativity can be found anywhere, sometimes we try so hard to fabricate it and sometimes that works but most of the time people can spot the genuine article. Investigate your surroundings and like a director holding his hands in the square position try and see your world through your lens, this will help you spot the magic that people don't normally see. For example, you might see an old gate and most people's first instinct is, how do I frame this so I get all the foliage, sky and everything else in my photo. But what if you zoomed in on just a small portion of the gate? it will be more interesting and become timeless.

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