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fesign March 08, 2018
@kris_blackrose Thank you very much!

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Behind The Lens

I love traveling with my camera in my neck. I've shot the London Eye last year in August.
I took it just before sunset, when the light is the most beautiful.
The sun was behind me, so the structure was bathed in lovely warm light.
Canon EOS 5D Mark II with a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens. No flash or tripod.
Overly shot subjects or locations don't bother me too much, sometimes we just have to take the same standard shot from the same position where millions of people has done it before, because it's just simply gorgeous! Although I try to make them different with my own touch!
Being a Graphic Designer made it a quite natural step to start playing around with my photos and creating or retouching something I couldn't capture with the camera. I prefer to base my photographs on a story in my head. I look for and shoot the elements separately then put them together with Photoshop layers. Here I used two images, the London Eye and the clouds I shot from an airplane. I usually try to make an image look like it could have been captured, I try to keep it as realistic as possible.
In my camera bag
My camera and about 2 lenses, and maybe a tripod for low lights. I believe the most important to take memorable pictures is most importantly great light and having your own vision and style. A decent camera would be enough for that.
When I am taking photos I like to capture a feeling or an atmosphere, rather than just documenting a moment, an object, or a texture. Then in Photoshop I enjoy accentuating parts of an image to create dreamy painterly landscapes and portraits. For me the final result is the most important.

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