death kiss

me trying 'model-fashion' shots. I liked how the composition on this one turned out...... advice and feedback is welcome

me trying 'model-fashion' shots. I liked how the composition on this one turned out...... advice and feedback is welcome
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iBurn October 17, 2013
Great composition and great use of 3rds.It is a very well balance shot with very good colour, light and composition.It might be a lot stronger in b&W?... but well done (:
Linque June 14, 2014
Really nice shot, however I agree with the others, this would be a great shot in Black and White and maybe Pop the colour of the lips, well done :)
zeozwolf June 14, 2014
Thank you! I have this photo in B&W now in my files ;)

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my living room. Being a photographer by hobby, I finding a white background meant improvising and my white brick wall was perfect.
This was just past mid day when the sun was still high in the sky.
The photo is 100% natural light at just past mid day with sun light directly onto my face. This was great and allowed for a bright picture with complimentary shadows.
Shot with a Nikon d3100 and a sigma lens. I actually didn't use a tripod and shot this holding the camera towards myself.. It took several tries but eventually I got the right shot.
After seeing all of those beautiful women shots I thought I'd give it a try. This is probably one of the first self portraits I've ever taken.
The photo was originally a lot more of my face, however I played around with cropping and found this the be the best. I love playing with the rule of thirds. It also leaves some mystery when hiding facial features. I also added a very slight tint to it.
In my camera bag
I'm my bag I always have one of my two cameras. My Nikon d3100 or my Sony rx1r. That's pretty much it. I believe good photos capture moments which are as natural as possible.
Light light light. Lighting is very important when takening portraits. Having the light direct like this photo gives a natural feel to it. If you're going for something more moody, try having your light source coming from an angle and work with the shadows on the face. If taking a self portrait I highly recommend relaxing your face.. Play with the rules too.. Rule of thirds may look best but maybe centre will look good too, depending on your face and hair type.

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