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michaelallen_0367 October 13, 2014
BobbyDog October 16, 2014
awsome capture.The image is fantastid. Tony
markaament November 14, 2014
this image just jumped off the page and grabbed me, outstanding!
sweetpea72 November 21, 2014
Stunning.. Congrats! ")
AlanJakarta November 21, 2014
Beautiful portrait. Congratulations on being Featured.
DVSONE62 November 21, 2014
Just stunning!
WolfgangPichler November 21, 2014
great portrait
catini November 21, 2014
Beautiful! Congrats on your feature!
loripeterson November 21, 2014
Lisa is such a phenomenal photographer! Stunning portrait!
iceman2 November 21, 2014
Excellent portrait capture with beautiful lighting.Congats!
scottnmandy November 21, 2014
Love the contrast between the colors. Great picture. Congrats on the feature.
brad.oconnor1 November 21, 2014
Stunning blue eyes red hair
glennhart November 21, 2014
Very nice :)
Crocrocphoto November 21, 2014
Truly stunning, It jumps off the screen at you!
hughmobley November 21, 2014
There are photos! and then there are PHOTOS!! THIS IS ONE
thomaszakowski November 21, 2014
Very powerful image, congrats on being featured.
gondmagdi November 21, 2014
wonderful shot !
isstoossay November 21, 2014
Beautiful! Everything is perfect- the balance, colors, all of it! Well done and congrats!
Coomanator November 21, 2014
What an amazing portrait. Beautifully captured.
robhansen November 21, 2014
Beautiful , Point of focus is perfect!!!
BeezKneez133 November 21, 2014
fotogalmexican November 21, 2014
Naresh_Sonone November 21, 2014
Superb photo
Capture-Life November 21, 2014
absolutely stunning!! and killer eyes!! HUGE congrats! ツ
photos287 November 22, 2014
Love it! Amazing!
BlessedNBayou November 22, 2014
fredpruitt November 22, 2014
WOW ! This picture really pops. Nice work.
derickkurpiel November 22, 2014
BrianpSlade November 26, 2014
Quite superb....the clear winner in this shot is the colouration to the piece....well done and congrats!.....Brian
Sanmi November 26, 2014
A great photography, great shot
mafe November 29, 2014
Good job!
Irma53 November 30, 2014
ROLAN_3198 November 30, 2014
Beautiful shot
DavidFreire December 01, 2014
Wonderful work! Congratulations.
sydneyosbourne December 09, 2014
Truly Amazing. ;)
mcampi December 17, 2014
This is the most stunning people pictures on this site. I love all your work but this one tops the list.
Ingleman December 24, 2014
Colours really pop on this stunning image. Beautiful!
KatieMcKinneyPhotography December 25, 2014
She is gorgeous! Great capture :)
TrevJel December 29, 2014
A beautiful portrait.
BlazeIrish December 30, 2014
This is a gorgeous shot!
briancann December 31, 2014
You have a way with color and creating visual excitement from limited elements.
BrunoHeeb January 01, 2015
wow,amazing shot,love it
BarryHillSr January 02, 2015
I'm not a pro but this is classic, dramatic and beautiful.
jscott January 06, 2015
One of my favorites!!!!!!!!!
andyhoughton January 07, 2015
Stunning image...really engages the onlooker instantly! Love it!
EricaAlmquist January 07, 2015
This is so beautiful! Love how the red seems to pop!
donnacrebbin January 07, 2015
wow stunning
RhondaMcD January 07, 2015
Congratulations on winning Finalist rank. Well deserved.
gondmagdi January 09, 2015
Fantastic shot ! congratulations !!!!!!!!
nigelwatts January 10, 2015
Great shot, I'm curious on the set up. It looks like an outdoors shot and no flash. Did you use reflectors?
AJU3D January 14, 2015
awesome pic
michael_krivoshey January 14, 2015
great portrait
verity January 16, 2015
so vibrant, great image
VictorySong January 16, 2015
Vibrant. Love it.
Ingleman January 18, 2015
Exquisite portrait. Vibrant and beautiful....well done!
michaelvereker January 23, 2015
Lovely, full of atmosphere
chrissandroni January 29, 2015
Love the creativity just pops out and grabs you
Billyboy February 11, 2015
Not much I can add…
Fabulous portraiture !!
pjbell_1949 February 11, 2015
Striking colour, beautiful contrast.
littleredncryby February 20, 2015
This is really a beautiful photo! Wonderful shot!
Gabysama February 20, 2015
nig2000 February 23, 2015
Fantastic portrait.
praveenkaushik February 26, 2015
Looks like a masterpiece, Well done
CMcDaniel March 01, 2015
kmoerman March 05, 2015
beautiful shot. The colour combination is perfect. absolutely love it.
alanjohnfrancis March 05, 2015
A glossy magazine shot if ever I saw one. Like this a lot.
vesipenkova March 06, 2015
Very bold portrait! Outstanding!
ChrisPisst March 07, 2015
No words to describe how much I love this image. If there is a flaw, I don't see it.
camit301184 March 08, 2015
good one...
nikocarol April 01, 2015
Lisa, Not only are you an amazing photographer. but your post processing skills are awesome too.
GordonD April 15, 2015
picture perfect
Whitehorse_Images May 02, 2015
This has to be one of the most perfect images I have ever seen.... Hands down.... Congrats!
dudygr May 09, 2015
Congratulations Lisaholloway's! Your winner in Portrait of beautiful woman photo challenge !
p_eileenbaltz May 09, 2015
Congratulations on another well-deserved award.:)
christobin May 18, 2015
kellycoventry May 19, 2015
Congratulations on your win!
meetingstreet May 29, 2015
Just stunning!
ericlash22 May 30, 2015
I really enjoy this photo. Great Job!
lkspencer June 03, 2015
the contrast,the tack sharp and the framing...just alot of kill here
JimSuPhoto June 28, 2015
michaelthompson July 05, 2015
Stunning, great capture
adifloyde July 22, 2015
I just love the subtle tones. beautiful
ashercurri August 20, 2015
Love the contrast in this shot. The expression on the models face is also perfect.
sharlenescarboroughdodds August 22, 2015
This is Magic
pattipeigh September 07, 2015
Dave_Bomb September 10, 2015
Great phototure!
DarioEstelrich September 17, 2015
alanasisk October 27, 2015
Beautiful image! This would be a great entry for my "Accent with Red Photo Challenge". Beautiful work!
tetvet January 27, 2016
stunning. all the reds go well together. excellant light. beautiful model
midwestusaphotography January 28, 2016
Lisa, You do amazing work. You are one of my favorites on Viewbug!
victoriarichardson June 15, 2016
This is my favourite portrait that I've seen on Viewbug. Love it!
jeffglover June 17, 2016
This one stopped me and I had to comment! Beautiful capture!
CrazyK August 21, 2016
How do u do that
NiKam October 15, 2016
Just stands out every time this image pops up. Just love it. Portraits are my all time favourite and this one keeps haunting me. Well done.
Paulacook144 December 19, 2016
Beautiful portrait shot. This image has wow factor. Well seen and handled.
dustindoust January 03, 2017
Love her hair, I need to shoot more redheads!
rindrarandhy January 22, 2017
Stunning work! Love it so much!
garymintz April 01, 2017
Simply beautiful model and capture. Great work!!
MikeHarvey April 01, 2017
Not often i am left speechless
rjphotographics April 05, 2017
fantastic mind blowing shot , but why is it in macro
simonesevero April 06, 2017
I love this portrait. You are talented'
PeterMaz July 16, 2017
Great shot ????
photo-bloom November 05, 2017
The color contrast is outstanding! Perfect processing and truly a masterpiece. I enjoyed viewing it. Keep up! Cheers, Sandro
ArberElezi November 13, 2017
Toddg November 18, 2017
Gorgeous composition. Everything is so detailed and contrasts beautifully. Her blue eyes grab you and pull you in to the moment. Love the contrast of red and white with a subtle blurred background. Mesmerising.
Mojicreator January 14, 2018
Absolutely Brilliant!
neonman January 14, 2018
Like your works in all photo communities :)
danetteharamis June 18, 2018
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
danetteharamis June 18, 2018
This is amazing, i got thrills just looking at it,well done!!!!
tobyfrost July 07, 2018
Great colours. Good job!!
claidheamdanns July 21, 2018
Well deserved feature photos! I was browsing, but had to stop and look at this one! You arrested my attention!
dawnfuentes August 14, 2018
Stunning shot !! Absolutely gorgeous!
reginaldojames September 11, 2018
Parabéns. Lindíssima!
chaitanyapawar October 17, 2018
eliotkay November 09, 2018
Lovely. Beautiful picture
anthonymannion November 19, 2018
striking colors

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