Warm Chocolate Chip Muffins





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cmorisset PRO
cmorisset February 04, 2015
Smells good too! Well done, bravo ( :
ameliaelizabethmabeldove March 16, 2017
Brilliant photo

Behind The Lens

Home Studio. Specifically the basement :) I keep around a lot surfaces to show as tables.
I have a full time job during the day, so as much as I like natural light for food photography, I can hardly ever use it. This is was taken under studio lighting in the evening.
For me, one of the most aspects of food photography is texture. Conveying texture in a food photo is one of the main features that makes the observer identify with the shot. You need to make them feel like they can almost touch it. I like to think of adjectives like fluffy, smooth, and bubbly. The way we perceive texture is by differentiating between light and shadow and the best way to enhance that is to use low placed lighting. The lower the light, the stronger the shadows. Low light also happens at sunrise which works really well with baking photos.
Camera: Canon 6D. Lens: Canon 24-105mm F/4 L IS Tripod: Always. The manfrotto 055 and 090 have a great feature that allow you to extend the middle column horizontally for an overhead shot. Very popular these days with food shots. Flash: 1 Strobe with pocket wizar trigger
I did not plan this shot al all. My wife baked the muffins and I said I must photograph them. The muffins were the inspiration. I always try to convey a story with my food photos. I think that makes for a more powerful image. The observer needs to connect with the photo. In this case, the sprinkling of the flour and the muffin paper cups are elements that others can identify with. They can recall the process of making the muffins and that triggers happy memories in people.
Yes, all my photos go through some touchups. Most of my editing is done in lightroom and rarely in photoshop, but it does happen. I find that increasing the clarity in lightroom enhances the texture of the food which I spoke about earlier. Other than that just correct some of the exposure elements such as shadows and highlights. That helps to set the mood.
In my camera bag
It really all depends on the assignment. I shot this one with the 24-105, but for food i always carry my 50mm F/2.5 macro and the 100mm f/2.8 macro L. The 50 mm is not a very popular lense and it is also very old. It was made in the 80s, but it is a great lens and there aren't many full frame macros in that focal range. It allows me to get very close to the food while still showing it surroundings. I carry one body: Canon 6d. I thought of upgrading to the 5d mark III and now the mark iv, but to be honest the biggest gain there is focus capability which is not a major issue in food photography.
Understand lighting. Understand it very very well. Get to know its color, quality, quantity, and direction. Tell a story. Make people think of what their grandma used to make. Or pull them in with the suspense of how the beer is just about to overflow. Show how the food was made or how it was eaten. Photograph the experience, not just the food. Practice before the food is ready. Once its ready, its not gonna look good for long.

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