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Behind The Lens


This was taken in my studio on a simple white background and a strobe for lighting.


This I do not recall, since the natural lighting didn't matter.


A simple strobe placed left behind side of cup with a white card fill in front to give off a minor amount of reflected light to the front of the cup.


This was taken back when I was using my Olympus E-3. Aperture f/10?ISO 200?Shutter 1/100?Focal Length 54/1? Also used a Alien Bees 800 strobe on lower power.


I love coffe! Think it makes up about 75% of my blood stream. So, was messing around with different types of studio shots with coffee - whole beans, brewed coffee, dark cups filled with whole beans and set in brewed coffe as the background, White cups like this one, spilled coffe beans as backgrounds, and on.....


Yes, I always do some minor post processing in LR to balance out the extremes in expoures, brightness and cleaning up stray elements not noticed while taking the shot (like a bean reflection in a cup).

In my camera bag

Back then it was Olympus equipment. Loved their lenses! Didn't like their camera bodies as much so have moved onto Canon. If I am shooting for a client it will depend what the shoot is for, but I usually have 2 camera bodies - 5D Mark III and a 6D, a few lenses, flashes, remote triggers, 2-3 Alien Bees strobes and stands, Deflectors, Diffusers, and lots of batteries/battery pack, extension cords, white balance card, and memory cards.


1. Expirement with different combinations. 2. Watch for unwanted reflections. 3. Try to make your shot the best you can in camera and leave little to editing. (Shooting it RAW lets you play with it more in post processing, but don't over edit) 4. Do your own thing, don't try to copy someone else. Its ok for prctice and learning, but ultimately make your personality/creativity show up in your shot. Ansel Admas once said something like "You don't take a picture, you make a picture". So go make Your picture. 5. Most importantly - have fun!

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