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sweetpea72 September 03, 2014
awesome shot ")
DuffyDoherty September 24, 2014
Great moment captured!
AlanJakarta November 03, 2014
Terrific capture. Congratulations on being Featured.
catini November 03, 2014
Great capture, congrats on your feature!
drakkardarkblade November 03, 2014
iceman2 November 03, 2014
Beautiful capture.Congrats!
Capture-Life November 03, 2014
WOOW most aaahmazing !!! :):)
MaryAnne306 November 03, 2014
Wonderful capture! The polar bear just looks so at ease under the water. Congratulations on being featured.
stevengargadennec November 03, 2014
just wow!
sweetpea72 November 03, 2014
congrats! ")
Cuscus November 03, 2014
SusiStroud November 03, 2014
Wow, Awesome!!! Congrats on your Feature.
agefoto November 03, 2014
Thank you very much. I appreciate all the comments, they meant a lot to me!
JanelleC November 03, 2014
Fantastic image!
JoseV November 03, 2014
A great close up.
cristykingbromwell November 03, 2014
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Capture-Life November 04, 2014
jhammon November 04, 2014
laurahelenatillis November 04, 2014
Jayalalitaa November 06, 2014
Amazing shot!
cmorisset November 08, 2014
Beautiful capture! Bravo for the feature ( :
ceceplutvi November 15, 2014
Tasa5 November 15, 2014
sarahlouisehubbard November 16, 2014
Oh my..
VTPhotographer2018 January 22, 2015
This is Awesome!!!! I love it!
Swanlab March 31, 2015
Definitely captures a feeling
carlosfz April 15, 2015
Excelente Fotografía !!!
avima April 23, 2015
very good ! the scene expose a measure of humanization..
sarahbeagley May 01, 2015
jltphotos July 24, 2015
Beautiful capture-I love it & ! I would love it if you would join my "Favored Friends Photo Challenge"
juliantej August 15, 2015
Wow dude this is great!
Ledopix August 21, 2015

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Behind The Lens

That photo was made in Chicago zoo through the glass! I went to the zoo with my Nikon D3X then with 34-70 attached to it! The polar bear was in a playful mood that day!
It was Midday! It was sunny day and the water was a good filter!
As mentioned above, I had the fortune to see the Gorillas in their habitat in Uganda and Rawanda! With wild life, you assess the light at that particular moment to the best of your abilities and work with it!
Nikon d3x 24-70! Since then, I used D899 the D810. Now, I mostly used Phase One line on phase one body or technical cameras!
I have been to see the polar bear several times, that day was my lucky day! Most of the times it will not get into the water or the light is not great! But, that day the stars were aligned in my favor! I feel better when I visit a location few times!
Basic raw conversion!
In my camera bag
Medium format gear, phase one and Arca Swiss! I never leave home without a tripod and sometimes more if I am driving! I have a "wide angle eyes" and love ultra wide angle shots but sometimes like midrange focal length (e.g. 24-70). I always have ND filters use it or not! At least two shutter releases, they tend to fail in the worst possible time! Flash light for lightpainting at night ( I like the protomachine light because it controls huge saturation and EV).
Persistence pays off. Visiting locations few times makes you comfortable and help you pre-visualize your photo! Experimentations with different genre of photography makes me better and expand my creativity!

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