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Kazza60 March 16, 2013
gabajo March 20, 2013
Magnificent Capture!
Flosno March 20, 2013
Thankyou soo much. The world around us is just so amazing
melissad April 01, 2013
way neat!!!!
Flosno April 26, 2013
Thankyou for the Peer Recognitions
Gaydee May 03, 2013
Ummm...I'm speechless ! :) Never seen anything like it, ever
trista7510 May 05, 2013
I really like this one, love the lines and textures.
Sergei May 10, 2013
Wonderful texture study!
margaretyeo May 15, 2013
elainelvis May 25, 2013
Flosno June 03, 2013
Thankyou for the PRs and comments....I really appreciate them
Ninika June 17, 2013
Awesome capture!
valzart July 21, 2013
Love this! it's gorgeous :D
sam58 August 25, 2013
wow, this is so cool, excellent work !!
carlosramos August 26, 2013
Great creative idea, beautiful work , I went to your profile and enjoyed. Like the butterflies and the flowers also I voted for some of your pictures contest !
ranger4000 September 23, 2013
incredible, absolutely love it
wonderwoman627 September 24, 2013
Amazing! Voted!
Flosno September 28, 2013
Thankyou for taking the time to acknowledge this photo.....I really appreciate it
debbiecram October 04, 2013
Amazing work, love it!!
MBatchellor December 27, 2013
Peacock feathers.
dimplestwn February 22, 2014
It's a piece of art...very original and creative, bravo!!
davidsloan February 22, 2014
Just amazing, you have an incredible eye.
frankjrosetti February 28, 2014
Mind-blowing! Excellent captire!
THOMMAS July 31, 2014
outstanding job, ideas = art ,nice ,kool
avimiaaz August 07, 2014
wow!! I'm not in to abstracts much but this one I would make an exception for. The colors are magnificent, yet the details are gorgeous.
dhawk15 January 13, 2015
dhawk15 January 13, 2015
pat-rice440 February 05, 2015
Wow..so interesting..voted patterns
kathleenweetman February 11, 2015
I absolutely love this...I want to visit you and do these...lol voted
KayBrewer February 21, 2015
Voted Patterns
GigiJim08 February 21, 2015
interesting, voted patterns!
kathleenweetman May 19, 2015
Voted in Shattered comp...lovely..k
estercastillo08 June 07, 2015
Intresting work, voted Shattered
SnowbunnyPhotography February 08, 2016
Wow! Looks like a beautiful abstract! :-) Love it!
1Ernesto February 27, 2016
What a wonderful fully textured natural piece of sand art! Voted "Unique Nature Photo Challenge"
estercastillo08 April 06, 2016
Voted Natural Surfaces
kirkmills April 10, 2016
Beautiful! Voted!!
estercastillo08 July 12, 2016
Voted Uncommon Textures
Elyzabeth July 22, 2016
Voted Uncommon Textures :)
chuckrickman July 26, 2016
Voted Uncommon Textures. Good Luck
eelcovanroden January 31, 2017
Congratulations Louise on your fantastic Challenge Win!
thunderlake January 31, 2017
congratulations!! creative beyond reproach...
JDLifeshots January 31, 2017
Beautiful shot! Congrats.
p_eileenbaltz January 31, 2017
Beautiful image!!! Congratulations on your Challenge Win.
KayBrewer January 31, 2017
Congratulations, Louise!!! Winner of the Abstract Nature Photo Challenge. Good job to recognize this little piece of nature as a very good photo!
MikeBoyle January 31, 2017
Congratulations on your winning photo. Superior!
frenchiepooh January 31, 2017
Congrats .. sublime shot
AnnuO February 01, 2017
Wow Louise, you are on fire! Another win. Congratulations!
Kazza60 February 12, 2017
congrats Louise .. love these natural abstracts
mihrt February 21, 2017
thanks so much for entering my USING CREATIVE BACKGROUND TEXTURES CHALLENGE .... good luck my friend !!
mihrt February 21, 2017
wow really interesting textures left behind by the tide...amazing!
mihrt February 21, 2017
boy I should pay more attention, congrats on winning the Abstract Nature Photo Challenge!!
estercastillo08 March 02, 2017
Congratulations on your win! Abstract Nature Photo Challenge
estercastillo08 March 17, 2017
Voted Composing with Texture
GigiJim08 May 08, 2017
Beautiful and unique image. Congratulations on your award!
AnneDphotography July 24, 2017
amazing capture and abstract !!


As the tide recedes, it leaves little pockets of water that keeps seeping out to sea and these markings are the results....you can use your imagination and crea...
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As the tide recedes, it leaves little pockets of water that keeps seeping out to sea and these markings are the results....you can use your imagination and create all sorts of beautiful images.....I do anyway....taken along the Western Australia coast
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