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richardmann October 04, 2014
An unusual summer sky created an atmospheric effect after a recent weather change as the sun gracefully sets over the Malibu Mountains and along the Santa Monica Beach coast in Southern California.

Sunset recorded at Santa Monica Beach Ca. 8-3-14

Summer storms create unique pictographic environments.

Summer storms create unique pictographic environments.
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Behind The Lens

This panorama-compilation is a sequential composition of six images recorded side by side with a canon T3i digital camera mounted on a tripod. The exposures were than uploaded to a Mac G3 notebook with photoshop CS3. In Photoshop there is a program that will merge all the images together as long as they overlap each other by at least 10% or more in the camera. In the photoshop program there is a link named "Automate." Once selected it takes you to another selection namely "Photomerge" then it opens a window that requests many different choices. 1. The “Format Layout” (five different choices) choosing only one, click on the “Browser” button, it then requests the following: 2. Select jpg files (or in RAW if desired) images from the desktop (That is where the images should be located, not in a folder). After Selecting at least two and as many as nine, they will be added to the “File Window.” 4. Then click on the "Blend Images Together Button" 5. A new selection comes up that asks "OK" click on it, sit back and watch the merge do it's magic. It may take some time to complete. Issue: There maybe a notice that some of the images did not merge together. That may be an error in the recording originally. Suggestion: The sequence of exposures is best to be arraigned linearly from a tripod, keeping the sky and foreground as adjacent to each other as possible. The merged image appears on the desktop and should be renamed for identification. After the merger compiles the panorama as much as possible, see if some cleaning up is necessary such as joining uneven exposures together with photoshop tools.
Sunset as it waned into the twilight hours.
Straight exposures in A+ mode that worked best.
Canon "Rebel" T31 and a Tamron 18-270 f/3.5-6.3 zoom lens, nuetral density filter and a Tilltall tripod.
The sunsets in Venice California in the winter are incredible. Each one is different. I collect numerous other panoramas of sunset and sunrises seen at my website at:
I did modify some of the highlights due to the lack of detail in them.
In my camera bag
I normally don't carry a bag. I figure out what I need from my car then carry every thing on a tripod that has a quick release.
Being at the right time and place is the opportunity needed for the quintessential results. The digital formats allow much more room for error than it's predecessor that of which film had of it's limitations. Using a digital format we can make many exposures as possible without any restrictions or expense. Editing in the computer permits us the capability for corrections. When you go out to create imagery think in terms of it capturing poetry from light, for that is what photography is described as in it's original term in Latin "To Write With Light."

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