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fstop February 20, 2013
jennydeandrade February 20, 2013
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goober20101 June 24, 2013
congratulations on your feature
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Thats amazing
catini June 24, 2013
Very nice, congrats on your feature!
drakkardarkblade June 24, 2013
congrats, awesome, please check out my work
tetvet June 24, 2013
petercreighton June 24, 2013
Cheers guys and girls. :) I didn't even realise until I received your messages, lol. Very happy now though!
AlanJakarta June 24, 2013
Superb creative mono image. Congratulations on being featured.
Anoud June 24, 2013
Amazing ! Congrats
AliAlzuhair June 24, 2013
Nice shot!
iceman2 June 24, 2013
Beautiful B&W capture.Congrats!
mantaf June 24, 2013
ncpcov June 24, 2013
Love this - I have this exact chess set as well! great image. :-)
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love this!
MarcoPoveda June 24, 2013
El tipo de fotografĂ­a que me gusta, felicitaciones
kentuckygirl61 June 24, 2013
Such an excellent shot!
MaryAnne306 June 24, 2013
Congratulations on being featured! I thought it was an amazing shot when I saw it on the feature rotation. Have to admit I haven't the vaguest idea how you did it.
AK_Swathi June 24, 2013
superb pic
elfiedwards June 24, 2013
so clever, congrats!!
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petercreighton July 03, 2013
Thank you so much for all your lovely compliments - from such amazingly talented people it means a lot. :-)
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Very Creative
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Really cool!!

Bored Game.





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Behind The Lens

I took this photograph a while back in my old studio one day whilst bored ... hence the play on words in my title! :)
I took this image in the morning whilst the coffee was still working.
To freeze the water in this image I set my Broncolor Grafit A4 packs to fire the two flash-heads I used to 4000th of a second. Perfect for capturing action.
An old Leaf DCB II digital back mounted on a Sinar P2 (5x4) ... the beauty with this set-up being I had control over the plains of focus, enabling me to keep the board sharp from corner to corner.
I wanted to take an image that used absolutely no Photoshop; was captured using purely conventional techniques but still made people think "How the hell did he do that?" Hopefully I've managed that?
Nope - none. No, tell a lie ... I cropped it and added a slight blue tint as the image was taken in black and white. That's it ... all blu-tac and fishing wire to make this little image. :)
In my camera bag
These days I tend to carry a D700 with a variety of Nikon lenses, Nikon SB-7OO speed flash, manfrotto tripod and a few brollies, soft-boxes as most of my work is location-based architecture at present.
A great technique I use in the studio is to get one light perfect before moving on to the next. Also switch all lights off in the studio - ensure it's pitch black then pop each flash off whilst you stand in front of your lens looking at your set-up. Then think about the after-image it leaves in your vision - it helps you see what the result will be before 'going for it!' Once that water was dropped I knew that would be it so wanted to ensure it was perfect before ruining it all with water. Also be VERY careful when using water in the studio ... there are a lot of capacitors in those power packs that pretty much guarantee instant death if you splash water anywhere near one. I also had an inflated paddling pool beneath this chessboard to capture the water.

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