sharonmolan August 21, 2014
what a clever shot!
damianaimers August 21, 2014
very cool and well done image
michaeltillman August 21, 2014
Talk about being at the right place at the right time. What a shot!
Rl1956 August 21, 2014
amazing capture, great pov, congrats on being featured
ArtofGretchenSmith August 21, 2014
JDLifeshots August 21, 2014
Great shot! Congrats.
catini August 21, 2014
Great composition, great story. Congrats on your feature!
JeffreyA August 21, 2014
Awesome shot, congrats
iceman2 August 21, 2014
Beautiful framing capture.Congrats!
smshaffer August 21, 2014
Awesome capture...Congrats!
Thimbee August 21, 2014
Very creative! Congrats
sweetpea72 August 21, 2014
awesomeeee shot....Congrats!! ")
davidrelph August 21, 2014
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This is superbbbb !! WOOW ! Congrats :):)
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Awesome picture!! Wow!! Congrats & well deserved!! :)
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congratulations !
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Your POV in this is awesome. Congrats on the feature.
Shahid_S August 21, 2014
Awesome one!
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excellente..well done
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fantastic shot
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Terrific image. Congratulations on being Featured.
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Yarrr, what a great shot!
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Alejandro_Mallado August 24, 2014
Thank u all fellas!!
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My favorite perspective...through a “window”. Beautiful.
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Very well done
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Great perspective!
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Lots of tension in this photo! Great shot! (pun intended)
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Delightful !!!
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This is a masterpiece. The atmosphere is just perfect.
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wow, very nice!
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This shot simply must win- meets the topic perfectly!
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A friend of mine is in that show. Good show!! GREAT photo!!
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Simply LOVE this shot! Excellent work :)
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I am trying to buy the above print but having zero luck. Please help. Have put all correct information in.
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Great shot! perfect compo
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Great point of View makes the shot!
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What is Crossbones TV series?
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Great shot is an understatement. More like, don't shoot. Nice capture and creativity!

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Jul, 2014

POV Still from NBC´s Crossbones TV series

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Won Contest Finalist in The Battle Of Professionals Photo ContestJune, 2016
Won Runner Up in Full Focus Photo ContestOctober, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Full Focus Photo ContestSeptember, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Point Of View Photo ContestMay, 2015
Won FeaturedAugust, 2014

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Behind The Lens

I took it at Roosevelt Roads Navy Base in Ceiba, Puerto Rico, while filming the NBC's TV series CROSSBONES.
10:30 in the morning
Pure natural light.
It was taken with my Canon EOS 5D Mark III and the EF16-35mm f/2.8L USM. No tripod. I borrowed that lens from the still photographer in the production, who was using one of my lenses while I was in the gun deck.
I lived and worked as an official photographer aboard El Galeón Andalucía for 20 months. In this particular moment we were shooting the battle between our ship (El Galeón) and the pirate ship. I had to wait in the gun deck with some other sailors, production staff and actors so it was a good chance to take some pictures behind the scenes. I remember that I was having a break because I also was acting as an extra on this episode and suddenly I saw the fore of the schooner trough one of the portholes and I just had a few seconds to shoot some pictures trying to get the perfect composition.
99.9% of the time I only work on Lightroom, so I did in this picture. It´s hard to believe that I found such perfect weather conditions that day, with this perfect sky, magical clouds, and a quiet no-waves water. I created an specific preset in Lr for the NBC´s Crossbones project and made the basic adjustments within the Develop Module. No Photoshop at all.
In my camera bag
I use to carry my 5D Mark III with the EF35mm f/1.4L USM and 50mm f/1.8. Now that I'm shooting concerts and events mainly I recently purchased an used 70-200mm f2.8 IS II. When I'm not on assignment I take my new Fujifilm X-T10 with me but now I'm starting to use it on my pro flow as well.
What could I say? Just been at the right place in the right moment. When you take a picture like this you know that is unique.

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