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Woombaway April 02, 2013
Congrats on feature beautifully captured.
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta April 02, 2013
Great shot of this awesome creature. Congratulations on being featured.
PhotoAlaska April 02, 2013
awesome shot
saylakham April 02, 2013
Amazing! congrat
Birimoyezu April 02, 2013
great great great! what a gorgeous color capture! Obedient creatures a patient photographer!
Carli April 02, 2013
fantastic capture, congrats :D
catini April 02, 2013
Very nice, congrats on your feature!
mailsmc PRO+
mailsmc April 02, 2013
Oh wow, awesome shot, congrats on your feature!
drakkardarkblade April 02, 2013
Congrats, great capture. Please check mine out if you get a chance.
nerophoto April 02, 2013
Wow!!! Amazing Capture...incredible scene!!! Congrats on your feature!!!
saibalkumarghosh April 02, 2013
Beautiful shot! Congrats on the feature!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet April 02, 2013
nice shot, congrats
princessdi6305 April 02, 2013
Wow!!! congratulations on your feature!!
pamm16 Premium
pamm16 April 02, 2013
iceman2 April 02, 2013
Wonderful shot.Congrats!
deshkapur April 02, 2013
jesusfreak3520 April 02, 2013
Great catch! Congrats on the feature!
DogArtist April 02, 2013
Amazing shot! Congrats on the feature :D
Monty April 02, 2013
Beautiful shot. Congrats. Your photos are always a pleasure to look at.
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 April 02, 2013
Amazing capture! Congrats!
Inmar April 02, 2013
Amazing!! Congrats on feature!
rturnbow Platinum
rturnbow April 02, 2013
Fabulous image, congrats!
paulusjaisoegriemsingh April 02, 2013
Great shot !
TammyMarie April 02, 2013
cilla8 PRO
cilla8 April 02, 2013
Great shot! Congrats on Feature
Tkay April 02, 2013
This is awesome! Congrats!!!
Jewel April 02, 2013
Awesome shot! Congratulations on your feature!
snowdon PRO
snowdon April 03, 2013
Fascinating image. Congratulations on your feature
redwriter Platinum
redwriter April 03, 2013
Beautiful work, congrats on your feature. - Jake
tsambaproductions April 04, 2013
mistyvkirsch April 04, 2013
Amitav April 04, 2013
As good as it gets !!!!!
srimanta April 05, 2013
Chaddikat April 08, 2013
So cool. That's totally an adventure you captured ! Love it
gunners42 April 09, 2013
Congrats.....awesome capture.
scarlettnjo PRO+
scarlettnjo April 10, 2013
Fantastic capture!!
Wayne_Sr PRO+
Wayne_Sr April 10, 2013
Fantastic Shot! Congratulations on your feature photo!
saidikhsan April 16, 2013
wow ..amazing pict ...!!
Oksana May 16, 2013
toxictabasco November 08, 2013

Behind The Lens

Outer Banks, North Carolina; specifically, just out of Morehead City, on the wreck of the Spar. It's a big, beautiful, upright & intact wreck in shallow water (115 feet at the bottom, give or take), surrounded and covered with a variety of sea life.
The weather that week was great, so I was able to do up to three dives/day on this wreck, which they said was unusual. We would start in the early morning for the first two dives, and the afternoon boat left at about 3pm (?) Strong sunlight is a real plus, as there is a thick layer of turbid, silty water just below the deck of the wreck (about 70-80ft down), where visibility dropped to only a few feet for most of the morning.
SO HARD to light in these waters. my shots ranged from horribly underexposed to outrageously overexposed, sometimes within the same sequence. The really good, clear shots you see from this region are typically done by people who not only really know what they're doing, but have multiple dives in these waters specifically. It went from light to dark all morning, and the afternoons could be much worse if all the day's divers silted up the bottom.
I usually travel with two Nikon D300 bodies, Aquatica housing, Sea & Sea YS90 strobes (older, underpowered...) on Ultralight arms & clamps, Nikkor 12-24mm, 105mm macro, & Tokina 10-17mm fisheye lenses. I can't recall if I used that or my older Nikon D70s on this trip.
Sand tiger sharks are so cool & weird, and contrary to their toothy appearance are actually extremely docile and casual. (Sorry to burst the implied backstory of the "scary shark!"....) In these waters, not only were the sharks plentiful and reasonably cool with being surrounded by divers, but they would often be enshrouded by massive clouds of sardines (or mackerel? Not sure of the species), which were surreal to watch on their own.
Unfortunately, all of my shots from this trip required severe tweaking in order to be palatable. This is my favorite shot from the week, and it was terribly overexposed; it was the clearest little patch of water I had all day, and my rig was still set to compensate for very dark, low-vis water. Next time.......
In my camera bag
When I'm at home or about the neighborhood, I only use an iPhone. For traveling, I'm stuck with baggage fees: I have a 50-pound Pelican case for the underwater rig & parts, and carry two Nikon D300 bodies in my backpack, usually along with my Nikkor 18-200mm, 105mm macro, 12-24mm, and the killer Tokina 10-17mm fisheye. Then there's all the dive gear, and as a result I travel with very little clothing or non-essentials. (You don't need any extra clothing on dive boats though, seriously.)
Plan on spending your first dive here exploring the wreck, and seeing what's there; then experiment with different setting for different critters & lighting. For the next dives, you can really hone in on what you want to get - my last two dives on this particular wreck were spent literally sitting on the bow, not moving for about 30 minutes. When I got a big shark to approach me with no other divers around, she literally stopped in front of me and I was able to get an uninterrupted ten minutes with her, all alone. :)

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