Scarred blue shark (Prionace glauca), off the coast of Rhode Island; the midday sun was rather bright, and unfortunately highlights the scratches on my dome por...
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Scarred blue shark (Prionace glauca), off the coast of Rhode Island; the midday sun was rather bright, and unfortunately highlights the scratches on my dome port - many caused by this little guy's siblings earlier in the day....
Nikon D300 w-Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye, Aquatica housing
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ashley_christine January 06, 2013
wow amazing shot!
sunsetnurveins April 01, 2013
nice job!
CoffeeBear April 03, 2013
Outstanding job, well done!!
srimanta April 05, 2013
great work......
lipe April 18, 2013
astonishing !
jleiweke August 07, 2013
Krishna_Kumar August 07, 2013
Cant say much about this shot, as I am quite speechless. Simply stunning and amazing! Congrats on being featured!
shweta August 07, 2013
kchased August 07, 2013
Scary. Congrats
drakkardarkblade August 07, 2013
congrats, fantastic, please check out my works
riaanjacobs August 07, 2013
Nice shot
AliAlzuhair August 07, 2013
SusanB August 07, 2013
Awesome! Wonderful! Congrats! Love the angle!
hotpixel August 07, 2013
Killer image !! Congrats on this awesome Feature Photo (:
debhall PRO+
debhall August 07, 2013
WOW! Awesome Shot!
Blackgrapes August 07, 2013
rmr731 PRO+
rmr731 August 07, 2013
Awesome closeup! Congrats!
valzart August 07, 2013
Exquisite shot :D
Jason123 August 07, 2013
prashanwilfred August 07, 2013
WOW how do you get so close ??
iceman2 August 07, 2013
Beautiful shot.Congrats!
VHiggins August 07, 2013
perfect for Shark Week! amazing shot! congratulations!
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud August 07, 2013
WOW!!! Just Awesome! Congratulations on your Feature!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta August 07, 2013
Superb capture of this awesome predator. Congratulations on being featured.
WolfEyesPhotography PRO+
WolfEyesPhotography August 07, 2013
Holy cow! Congrats!
RoyMacDonaldPhotography August 07, 2013
Incredible image
PhotoAlaska August 07, 2013
elfiedwards Premium
elfiedwards August 07, 2013
please tell me you were in a cage? :-) personally I probably would have dropped my camera out of shock, so thank you for being not scared and for sharing this image with us, great! and many congrats on being featured!:-)
vibu August 07, 2013
Perfect Snap :)
redwriter Platinum
redwriter August 08, 2013
Great shot. Congrats. - Jake
Grevandi August 09, 2013
fantastic shot...
Tacocat August 14, 2013
tammyswarek August 27, 2013
Wow! I hope he was behind glass!!! Great image!!!
senka October 01, 2014
wow.............. scary but what a shot!!!!!!
loripeterson Platinum
loripeterson November 21, 2014
Amazing shot of one of the few things in this life that I am completely terrified of!

Behind The Lens

Just off the southern coast of Rhode island, about 40-50 miles or so?
The weather that week was great, and it typically only took a few hours or so for the first sharks to appear after the early morning chumming. Blue sharks are pretty bold & sociable, so we usually spent all day in the water, only getting out to eat & drink or give others some targeted time with a few sharks. Not sure of the exact time off hand, as I would be in there shooting from about 10am until we left, around 5pm.
Pelagic sharks - like blues and makos - are typically photographed on snorkel, as they're plenty happy to hang out by the surface, and bulky scuba gear not only slows you down but can seriously spook the sharks (especially makos). Lighting is therefore pretty straightforward - smaller apertures for the hard sunlight on their backs, and just enough strobefill underneath to light their snouts & bellies without totally blowing out the highlights (which is really easy = they're white!). It's best to try to keep the sun to your back, but it's more important to keep the boat to your back so you can focus on what's in front of you - hint: it's lots of sharks - but there are a lot of ways to play with different lighting angles.
I usually travel with two Nikon D300 bodies, Aquatica housing, Sea & Sea YS90 strobes on Ultralight arms & clamps, Nikkor 12-24mm, and for this trip I was shooting my old Nikkor 10.5mm fisheye.
My friends were running trips off the coast of Rhode Island, and I thought, "sure, I don't have any blue sharks in my portfolio yet...". So off we went, and made blues one of my all-time favorites. They're like living cartoons with their exaggerated features, but stunningly beautiful when the sunlight hits the deep, glowing blue on their backs.
This one was terribly overexposed, but people seemed to like it because of the dramatic backlighting and the scarred snarl of this particular shark's mouth. I did some spot-removal, played with the contrast a bit, and tamed the highlights as much as I could. There are better shots from this trip, but people seem to like the vibe of this one so I tried to pretty it a bit.
In my camera bag
When I'm at home or about the neighborhood, I only use an iPhone. For traveling, I'm stuck with baggage fees: I have a 50-pound Pelican case for the underwater rig & parts, and carry two Nikon D300 bodies in my backpack, usually along with my Nikkor 18-200mm, 105mm macro, 12-24mm, and the killer Tokina 10-17mm fisheye (- though this image was taken with my old fisheye, the Nikkor 10.5mm). Then there's all the dive gear, and as a result I travel with very little clothing or non-essentials.
Much more important than anything photography-related, when swimming openly with sharks (sometimes lots of sharks) you MUST be comfortable swimming with sharks! Not just comfortable in the water, and being a strong swimmer and all that, but you're going to have to constantly keep your eyes forward, and your head turning, never getting zoned-out on any particular thing. Even while maintaining a constant 360-degree vigil, I would still have sharks peeking through between my legs, or suddenly appearing to my side, out of nowhere. Tweak your settings on the boat, and use the camera as a blocking device, and try your best to angle your shots 'from the hip', as opposed to framing in the viewfinder - you MUST keep your eyes on the sharks.

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