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JDLifeshots June 14, 2014
Cute capture!
TomK June 18, 2014
awesome capture :)
CWphotos5 March 30, 2015
Fantastic...love it!
CWphotos5 March 30, 2015
I forgot to congratulate you...Kudos!
jcorrphoto March 31, 2015
Thank you!
AlanJakarta March 30, 2015
Terrific & amusing shot. Congratulations on being the People's Choice Winner.
jcorrphoto March 31, 2015
Thanks Alan! It's my first time, very excited and happy about it :)
SarahKeates April 03, 2015
Fabulous shot! Congrats!
janland April 24, 2015
Wonderful composition and capture! Congrats
JDLifeshots April 25, 2015






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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken of a co-worker's son while we were on a train in Japan exploring the countryside one day. Both of us were stationed there with the Navy. Tucker, the child, was playing peekaboo with me on the train on the ride back home. I sat in the aisle and happened to catch this perfect moment.
The photo was taken in the late afternoon, probably around 4pm, as we were heading back to Iwakuni, Japan located about an hour away from Hiroshima.
No special set up for lighting, all natural light from the train windows with later afternoon sunlight.
Taken with a Nikon D610 and 50/1.8 Nikon lens at f/3.2. No flash was used, no tripod or other equipment.
Tucker was always cute and fun to be around. Once I noticed him start playing peekaboo with a couple of the passengers, I decided to get him to play with me and see if I could capture some cute pictures. The look of wonder and surprise in his eyes was a total luck shot and I am so thrilled how it came out. It really gives the feeling of wonder in the child's eyes.
Post processing was complete with Lightroom with some tonal adjustments, giving the image a more muted and vintage look. I paid special attention to Tucker's eyes while sharpening, bringing out his natural baby blue's to really make the image pop. Other than that, minimal processing was done.
In my camera bag
I normally carry my Nikon D610, along with a standard zoom (24-105 f4 from Sigma), a tele-zoom (70-200 f4 from Nikon), and usually one or two primes, in this case a 50/1.8 and 85/1.8. I also carry an SB-700 flash but was not using it this particular day. I prefer the versatility of zooms when traveling and actually normally do landscape photography. The primes are great to have on hand though, as they are small, fast, and when the opportunity arises such as this, help make a very powerful image.
Shoot away! Especially with children. You're going to take tons of shots, many of which probably won't be keepers. But children are very expressive in their emotions, and you'll be surprised how many shots really convey those feelings. Keep the children engaged, and above all else, make sure to play along with them and have fun. It's so easy to get stuck behind the camera, separated from the scene and your surroundings. Make sure not to miss out on those memorable moments, but of course, do your best to capture some of them too!

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