Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos in this photo contest. The Life's Largest Moments Photo Contest gathered an incredible collection of awesome shots that include many factors to achieve the results shown: time of the day, location, vantage point, equipment, experience and the eye to capture and position the subject. Many congratulations to the participants that submitted over 17,000 photos and a special thanks to the people that voted for their favorite shots!

A special thanks to SanDisk for making this photo contest possible, no offering the largest micro SD card with 128 GB of secure memory and to friend & professional photographer Matt Hernandez for his collaboration as a guest judge!

Grand Jury Winner

"I chose “Front Row Theatre” as the overall winner in this contest because to me it represents an amazing moment in a very unlikely scenario between the subject and the photographer. The composition is perfect, as you can see the huge mountains in the background which lets the viewer know just how amazing this moment is. " -Matt Hernandez

Runner Up
Runner Up
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