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Rusty Old Seat

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Rusty Old Seat

Rusty Old Seat
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jaymz_kennedy_37 October 11, 2012
so funny, I have never seen one of thse before in my life...and just photographed one last week and now looky here! cheers
jonwaWa PRO+
jonwaWa March 16, 2013
Thanks, I like this photo, too.
jonwaWa PRO+
jonwaWa March 16, 2013
changezi November 05, 2013
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Behind The Lens


This photo was captured one day on my drive to work. I drive about 45 minutes each way through the Connecticut countryside. I keep my camera handy and often stop for a few minutes to shoot a few frames. This old piece of farm equipment is sitting in a field just off the road. I have a nice shot of it taken after a winter snowfall.


This was taken on a summer morning, probably about 8:30 am. Morning is a great time to shoot.


It was an overcast day, which I like. Some beginning photographers think a sunny day is great for shooting. It is. However, the light on a cloudy day does not cast harsh shadows. Studio photographers spend piles of money trying to attain the even light provided for free on a cloudy day.


I used a Canon EOS 40D. I have been using Canon cameras since 1975. The lens was a zoom that goes from wide angle to telephoto but I don't remember which one. It was probably Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. When I purchase my first digital camera (a Canon Revel Xti) I was very concerned about getting dust on the sensor. I figured that changing lenses can allow dust to enter the camera, so I bought one zoom lens and never took it off. This was handheld, no tripod.


I liked the texture of the rusty seat. That and the bright green weeds. When I stopped my car and walked closer, the spokes from the wheels got me thinking about composing the image so the lines would lead into the center of the image.


Years ago, I used Photoshop but it got too expensive to keep up with the licensing fees. a friend tole me about GIMP, which is an open source and FREE image editing software. On this image GIMP was used to adjust the curves and levels with the goal of making the colors more vivid. It may have been cropped slightly.

In my camera bag

I am not a believer in carrying all sorts of equipment. Some people think the more you spend on equipment, the better your photos. However, a skilled photographer can do a lot with a few quality items. My current camera is a Canon EOS 60D. I like the flip out viewfinder. It also shoots video. My lens is an EFS 18-135 which has the wide angle all the way to a telephoto lens. The image stabilization is a nice feature. My bag contains an 430EX speedlite, extra batteries and chargers. I have a Bogen tripod with a fluid head. My back-up camera is a Canon EOS 7D. If I have a big job I sometimes rent equipment.


If you want to capture great photos, keep your camera handy. The car I drive has a console between the seats and my camera fits in there, so I have it when I need it. Then train yourself to be on the lookout for interesting subjects. Most of things I shoot are so simple that other people do not even notice them. I am seeking beauty all the time. See it, then shoot it.

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