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A cute little Asian girl wearing a hooded jacket

A cute little Asian girl wearing a hooded jacket
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Behind The Lens

This picture was taken on a weekend when I was working at a farm. It was October and I was running a cash register, taking care of families buying pumpkins. This little girl was with her mother and I noticed how cute she was with her hood on. I keep my camera handy and after getting permission from the parent took two shots and then got back to work.
It was midday in October.
It was an overcast day which I like, because I don't have to worry about shadows.
This was taken with a Canon EOS40D handheld with no flash. The lens was a Canon zoom but not sure which one. I set the shutter at 60th of a second. I now use a Canon EOS60D.
I wanted to get a shot of this little girl because she looked so innocent and pure. The hood she wore drew attention to her smooth, unblemished face and exotic eyes. Also, she looked a bit like my daughter who is now grown up.
I converted it to monochrome to emphasize the lines and textures. Black and White can have more impact because there is no color to distract the viewer. I always adjust the curves and levels to get more "punch." This one didn't need much adjusting. I use GIMP as my software of choice.
In my camera bag
I am a believer in minimal equipment. When I worked at a one hour lab, a guy came in acting all arrogant and important with a very expensive camera around his neck. As we ran the film through the machines, I was wondering to myself if the pricey equipment would equal fabulous prints. When the prints came out of the machine the results proved that it takes more than a fancy camera. I carry a beat up old plastic lunch cooler when I go to work at the farm. Inside is a sandwich, a few pieces of candy and my Canon EOS camera and a Canon 28-135 zoom lens. No one tries to steal the beat up old plastic cooler. They would never guess that my nice camera is in there. I keep a Bogen tripod in my car and use it for landscape shots. When I am shooting for a paying customer I bring a nice camera bag an extra body, two flashes, Pocketwizards and a reflector.
My advice for anyone who wants a nice shot of a child, is bend your knees and get down to the child's height. Get as close as you can. Have a camera handy at all times. She knew I was taking her picture, but many times the candid shots when a person doesn't even know you are shooting are very nice because they are more natural.

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