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7th And Main

Snow scene of rural mountain valley in Arizona. The bright light in the middle ground is the snow plow about to turn the corner and destroy this beautiful scene...
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Snow scene of rural mountain valley in Arizona. The bright light in the middle ground is the snow plow about to turn the corner and destroy this beautiful scene.
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jamiesarkett January 17, 2018
congrats - love this :)

Behind The Lens

I took this on my birthday on Main Street and 7th Street. It was about 12f degrees and still snowing at 11:00 p.m. and the people who drove by looked at me like what is that fool doing out here in this. It was my first Christmas with snow in my whole life as I grew up in Georgia, here I was in the Arizona mountains and it snowed ten inches that year, this is South Main Street in Eagar, Arizona. The light hitting the street from the left is the snow plow, which turned the corner toward me and destroyed the scene as it is shown. I have given copies of this photo in print form to, last count was five, local charities for silent auctions to help them as this is a small community in a valley in the White Mountains of Arizona.
This was taken at about 11:00 p.m.
The light on the street coming from the left was a snow plow, the other lighting was street lights, one across from where I was and the one down the street.
I used a Canon 10D, 28-135mm lens, sitting on a tripod, used a remote shutter release and the street lights, no flash. Oh, heavy coat, hat and gloves as it was 12f at the time and snowing.
The love of photography, over the last fifty years I've taken photos of anything and everything that has found itself in front of my lens. I had just taken photos of the sidewalk with virgin snow on it to the north of where I was living and walked out to the edge of the street to capture this scene.
Yes, I use Photoshop and have been using it for over fifteen years. I taught darkroom to fellow students at the junior college I attended back in north Georgia so migrating over to PS was natural to me. I cleaned up the street lighting which created a yellowish tint, did an overlay of the same photo which I had converted to B/W line and merged them to achieve this look.
In my camera bag
Today I have a Canon 6D, a Sigma 150-600mm lens, macro extensions, a Canon Compact-Macro lens EF 50mm, a Canon 60D, a Canon 28-135mm lens, several electronic flashes, two tripods one with a pistol grip the other with as gimbal tripod head for the 150-600mm lens, remote shutter releases, and the usual misc things.
As with any digital SLR camera the setting you can use is so much better today than it was with the old Canon 10D with a higher ISO range experimenting is what you need to do. Back in the day of film I would have used a tripod just as I did with the 10D or even the 6D I have now. Night shots can be taken now without a tripod with the high ISO ranges, but I guess I'm old school I like to use the tripod for such shots besides being old I need the steadiness of the tripod as my hands shake. Before you get out in the cold know what your camera can do, know what you need to capture the shot, and if you don't have it improvise. I've used the hood of a car with a jacket around the camera as my "tripod" and set the camera to take long exposures that way, used a shutter release that had a dead battery as it would still cause the shutter to release when you pushed the button or left it locked closed to take shots over and over.

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