The Midnight Cowboy





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rachmonte Platinum
rachmonte November 10, 2012
gappman PRO+
gappman November 21, 2012
Congratulations on the feature! Great shot!
tsambaproductions November 21, 2012
Woombaway November 21, 2012
Congrats on feature love the lighting
bernieyoung November 21, 2012
great shot, nice mood, congrats
Carli November 21, 2012
nice shot, congrats :D
BrianpSlade November 21, 2012
Thanks for all your very kind comments....well appreciated in fact...Brian (Brize)
debkumarbanerjee November 21, 2012
great capture ! congrats !
catini November 21, 2012
Nice light, congrats on your feature!
kittylegs November 21, 2012
nice, congrats on your feature
ericrincones November 21, 2012
Great Shot!
NicolaRosePhotography November 21, 2012
Brilliant shot!!!! love it :)
corproadie November 21, 2012
Great shot! Congrats!
carol_bradshaw_4069 November 21, 2012
LOVE THIS!! Congratulations on your Awesome feature!!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet November 21, 2012
patsimmons November 21, 2012
Congrats on your feature! This is a great shot!
pamwalrath November 21, 2012
Excellent picture!
iceman2 November 21, 2012
Very nice shot.Congrats!
mailsmc November 21, 2012
Very cool shot! Congrats on your feature!
wow...perfect work...congrats:)
justkim1106 PRO+
justkim1106 November 21, 2012
Congrats! Nice shot.
madhu November 21, 2012
Great shot,Congrats
michmcbowen November 21, 2012
Great shot! Congrats!
DustinsMom November 21, 2012
Very cool. Congrats!
DiabloDeb November 21, 2012
Congrats, great shot.
Mark7D November 21, 2012
well done mate :O)
nora_crane_6858 November 21, 2012
Nice capture. Congratulations!
Amiqdadi November 21, 2012
congrats,,,very nice work
SusiStroud Platinum
SusiStroud November 21, 2012
Great shot, great title - Congrats on your Feature!
aaronbetts November 21, 2012
Congrats on winning Featured!
TraceElementsPhotography November 21, 2012
Beautiful photograph. congrats on the feature. Much deserved!
nitti November 21, 2012
Cool shot....congrats
BLAKSTEEL November 21, 2012
Congrats On Your Feature! This Is An Excellent Capture!
rkperry215 November 21, 2012
Great shot!
carolyn_anderson_860 November 22, 2012
I love this shot! Nice capture congrat's on your feature as well!
ManCorMac PRO+
ManCorMac November 22, 2012
Congrats on the feature.
itzshanon November 22, 2012
Beautiful - very well deserved - congrats
nitti November 22, 2012
mariewheeler November 23, 2012
very nice shot and i love this too :)
JMOATS November 23, 2012
Very nice! Congratulations on the feature!
achal_shah November 25, 2012
very good composition! congrats
murphey PRO+
murphey November 25, 2012
Wonderful shot, great lighting !
samacar01 November 25, 2012
Oh how I miss cowboys! Love the bike! Where are his boots?
snowdon PRO
snowdon December 01, 2012
Congratulations on your well deserved feature, a special photograph, great contrast. Awarded
rajeevalochanperubhotla December 05, 2012
Nice shot,Congrats :)
Neman_aj December 08, 2012
I saw your photo on this site before and forgot all about it. I found it accidentally. One of my favourite ones!
daydreamsbymary0710 Platinum
daydreamsbymary0710 December 23, 2012
Great shot! Congrats on your feature! :)M
BrianBasson PRO+
BrianBasson January 12, 2013
Super shot, congrats on your feature!
snowdon PRO
snowdon February 12, 2013
Previously commented. Voted
amarsingh March 01, 2013
Snappuccinos April 09, 2013
Stunning shot, thanks for sharing.
ArtQ April 12, 2013
Great image
cilla8 Platinum
cilla8 August 16, 2013
Magnificent capture!!
patriciabiggstaylor September 30, 2013
You have an eye for the interesting Excellent photo
ShutterBug76 October 02, 2013
nice capture
Grey_Fulton November 03, 2013
Damn, I really enjoy and appreciate your photography. Excellent photos!
Etna PRO+
Etna November 03, 2013
nice shot
Avisagie November 12, 2013
Photo Critique Project - to be able to provide feedback on your image could you please provide the following information

Please describe your images – tell us what you wanted to express in the photo, what goal you were trying to achieve, what you particularly like about the result, what you feel may be missing or flawed, special efforts you made, or any other information that may help the viewer to understand your work.

Please give as much technical detail as possible, such as focal length of the lens, aperture and shutter speed setting, film (brand and type), time of day, weather, season, lighting conditions, difficulties of composition, camera on tripod or hand-held, and any other relevant information. Data on make and model of camera, lens or tripod, can help viewers in their own choice of equipment.
BrianpSlade November 13, 2013
Hi Andre, here's the info that you requested....

This shot was taken (once again) at Reading University...Camera settings can be seen to the right of this page.
The concept behind the image is a result of ideas that I usually write down or sometimes roughly sketch on a note pad (in this case).
Originally, I wanted a woodland type of shot but due to heavy rain the previous day we were unable to get the bike into the wooded area and the model & bike would have been absolutely caked in mud. I finally decided on an area in a field near some buildings which is visible to the top left of the image.
I wanted a typical low angle shot for this image so once again I found myself lying face down on the wet grass. A few test shots were fired as I was looking for just enough light to fall on my subject (1.9 M) with the focal length of the Camera being 28mm.
My Apollo Wescott softbox was once again used but the light source was lowered via my light stand for this desired look.
Shutter priority was the camera mode with an Auto white balance setting.
My only regret in this image was that my model turned up with no riding boots but the show must go on as some say!
There was very little post production used in this image apart from one or two lights from the distant buildings removed with the spot remover tool in Photoshop. Some clarity was added around the bike by using a 'softbrush' with Opacity down to around 70%.
I hope that helps?.....Brian
BrianpSlade May 10, 2015
My sincere thanks to all who voted for my image in the 'Shot In The Dark' Photo challenge...I'm extremely grateful....bless you all....Brian
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Behind The Lens

The shot took place in the grounds of Reading University which is a fantastic area for anyone interested in photography as it has woodlands, wildlife, lakes, bridges and architecture.
The shot was taken on 28th August 2012 at 20:15 UK summer time.
I use a very basic set up in reference to lighting. I simply love playing around with shadows and ambient light. After a few test shots which included moving my light stand and me moving around on the floor I found the desired look I was after. The differences are incredible in reference to the varied types of light that fires from the flash regarding various angles and subject to distance. I find this very challenging especially as I work alone.
My trusty Canon 5D Mark 2 was used in combination with a Canon 430 speedlite which was mounted to a 28' softbox (on a light stand)
I often have ideas and sometimes write or sketch (in this case...very badly) them down in a little note book that I keep. The idea came about thinking of a person that was a bit of a loner who just wanted to mind his own business and travel the land. The character I created was called the 'Kung Fu Kicking Cowboy'
Clarity was added to certain parts of the piece which was mainly the motorcycle along with some highlights. All the PP was used in Photoshop Raw which the adjust brush. Some office lights were removed from the background which came through the trees.
In my camera bag
At the moment I currently use 3 lenses which are my Tamron 70 - 300mm...Sigma (macro) 105mm 1.2.8 and my good old trusty Canon 24-105 mm. Various filters-Flashbenders x2 - Spare Batteries (For Camera & Flash) - Canon 430 Speedlite - Various Memory cards - Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 & Flex TT5 - Cleaning Cloth - Sensor Cleaning Kit - Cable Release - Camera Manuels (never leave home without it) - Note Pad - Pens - Torch - Cables - I can also attach my tripod to my bag so I suppose you could include that too?
Time of the day is important as well as location as you will want the light and your chosen located area/scene to blend in harmony with your subject(s). Scout areas during the day and if you spot an area of interest, return during the evening to investigate the scene more it suitable for what you have in mind etc, etc. In the Midnight Cowboy shot, my subject forgot to bring his riding boots which would have looked far much better than the training shoes he was wearing at the time. On a personal note, I should have waited for another time for my subject to turn up wearing his boots as in my opinion it would have made the shot look far much better....but that that is a valued lesson learnt from this actual shot and shoot. Try not rely too much on Photoshop!!! You will learn much, much more by trying to get your desired look through the controls on your camera functions. Play around with your lighting set up. An example being...moving your light stand just 2' to the left or right of your subject(s) could make all the difference.... Brian P Slade

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