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rmr731 Aug 16
Cool snap!

The Garden Visitor

Captured stalking the birds in our backyard.
Captured stalking the birds in our backyard.
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Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken at my home.
During the afternoon.
Nothing special at all in reference to light..your typical bright afternoon light.
Canon 5D MKIV assisted with a monopod.
To start with, I had some props set up in my garden to photograph the birds that frequently visit my garden. Sophie, our family Cat decided to get on the scene by using her stealth to creep up on the birds. Our Cat lives upstairs and only leaves the house at night as our family Dobermann dog patrols the lower section of our house and they seriously do not get on. On this occasion our family hound was fast asleep in the front living room which gave our Cat the opportunity to venture outside (this was the 1st known time I can recall during daylight hours,,lol).
I did my basic fine-tuning (highlights/shadows/clarity/whites & blacks) via lightroom before transferring the image into photoshop where I added a couple of LUTS which were fine tuned through the opacity slider to my liking.
In my camera bag
Canon 5D MKIV - Canon 5D MKII - Sigma 105mm Macro - Sigma Sports 150-600mm - Canon 24 - 105mm - Canon 50mm - Various pocket Wizard gadgets - x3 Flash strobes - Sekonic Light Meter - Lens Cleaners - Various Cables - CF Cards - Light Defusers -
I wouldn't recommend anybody letting their domestic cats loose to hunt any wildlife. This was a pure lucky chance that came my way fortunately.

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