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Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria growing in the wild.

Amanita muscaria growing in the wild.
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Staff Winter Selection 2015
Superb Composition
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Top Choice
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Peer Award
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Absolute Masterpiece
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Great Find
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Exceptional Contrast
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Outstanding Creativity
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All Star
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Magnificent Capture
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Superior Skill
DCWalker21 olimiha mitpjenkeating KenBrakefield Lclark
Jaw Dropping
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rodshop7 May 18, 2014
Beautiful! love to find some of these
ToddGrivettiPhotography PRO+
Excellent Macro shot. Stunning detail and colors.
neocup PRO+
neocup June 08, 2014
looks like something out of ALICE IN WONDERLAND...when she was very very small!
neocup PRO+
neocup June 08, 2014
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Karine June 27, 2014
it is a death cap! Extremely poisonous, but beautiful!
nornots PRO
nornots November 20, 2014
Wow, this is a wonderful photo...
JeffBach December 16, 2014
Near perfect lighting. not much of a hard shadow from the cap. I like how the left side yellow leaf gradually becomes more noticeable as you look at this. Great job.
ElenaSpinpics PRO
ElenaSpinpics January 23, 2016
An amazing "Amanita Falloide" or "Amanita muscaria"