Angel of the North

The Angel of the North is a 20 meter high sculpture with a 54 meter wing span. It was created by Antony Gormley and stands at the side of the A1 in the north of...
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The Angel of the North is a 20 meter high sculpture with a 54 meter wing span. It was created by Antony Gormley and stands at the side of the A1 in the north of England.
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Winner in Fascinating Sculptures Photo Challenge
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Darrell_Evans May 04, 2014
Thanks for your comments Ken. As with anything that is popular to photograph it is hard to find a new angle. I do have some shots in landscape that do emphasis the wing span but I wanted to show the scale of the sculpture in relation to a human, it also looks like they are paying homage to the Angel.
The day was dull and as we arrive it as about to rain so as a result I had B/W in mind when I took the shot. When I converted it the colour overlay seemed to make it pop more in my opinion. Also it gave an unusual colour to the sculpture that is not seen in other shots.
stamatispappas May 04, 2014
Thi is a Great photo!
TammyN May 05, 2014
Really cool sculpture - hope they don't get much wind there, lol! Great image :)
CarolePallier May 05, 2014
That looks incredible!! especially with the people there looking up to show the perspective, love it!!
Sebastiaan May 07, 2014
Agree with all comments below, wow, what a photo, thank you very much for sharing, kindest regards, Sebastiaan.
ovosphotography May 09, 2014
well done!
kathymuhle PRO+
kathymuhle May 11, 2014
I think you photographed this exactly right, sharp from wing tip to wing tip and the people below gives the perspective. I did go on line to read about it as this is the first time I've hear about it. Quite impressed with it, worth a trip to see if I'm ever in the area. Fantastic job! :) Kathy
unniwilliams Premium
unniwilliams May 16, 2014
i have not seen this sculpture before, so can't compare with landscape versus portrait. But in my opinion portrait give a great sense of scale as well as a powerful composition, well done!
hlambourn May 19, 2014
Nice composition and a good angle of view. It is nice to see someone try to capture a subject differently that has been photographed so many times before.
jamesevans_7954 May 29, 2014
Class shot! One of the best "Angel" images I have seen. Your viewpoint and perspective certainly enhances this often disproportionate edifice! Excellent result!
caroly May 30, 2014
That must be hard to get the angle right, what about an aerial angle?
ToddGrivettiPhotography Ultimate
I love the detail and Sepia coloration. The DOF with the people at the base really adds to the largeness of the sculpture, especially the person on the foot.
Chrissimpson01 June 01, 2014
Wonderfully atmospheric.
teetee1852 Premium
teetee1852 June 02, 2014
Out of a movie....absolut great!
browniepic June 02, 2014
absolutely amazing
wonderfully done
anetabukowiec June 04, 2014
Love it...great picture
leetomkow June 05, 2014
LindbloomPhoto nailed it with Metropolis reference, incredible Sci-Fi feel to this image.
ckautzer June 06, 2014
LaurenHeinatz June 07, 2014
Fantastic composition!
kaphoto PRO
kaphoto June 08, 2014
I love the angle!
rommyrozenberg June 14, 2014
So cool! This is definetely my favorite :)
Timbo June 15, 2014
Just an outstanding image....... You have captured the true atmosphere of this moment..... Many can take a picture of this structure but you have produced a stunning image that touches everyone.....well done... Awarded...
philipbebbington June 17, 2014
Love the tones in this image and the scale of the people next to the sculpture.Congrats
great shot.
BrianB4 June 29, 2014
Love this image. Great work!
Jae_Robinson PRO+
Jae_Robinson June 29, 2014
For sale?
teambergie PRO
teambergie July 02, 2014
Your bio says you are trying for that one great shot….I think you got it here! I like it!
AnneDphotography PRO+
AnneDphotography July 02, 2014
so so cool , very nicely done !!!
teambergie PRO
teambergie July 02, 2014
The walkway leading up to the base, the people looking up at the statue. The eye comes in from lower left, up the walkway, looks at the people and then wonders "what are they looking at" and then, up the statue…well done!
HikerChickJane August 11, 2014
Great capture!
DaveLoucks PRO+
DaveLoucks August 27, 2014
incredible, Fritz Lang would of owned this
JaydeBell October 07, 2014
Really great photo well done . WOW !
Batesrc2 PRO+
Batesrc2 October 12, 2014
Very cool. You should add this to the 2 wings contest.
theresaaustinanderson October 14, 2014
gardenographer PRO+
gardenographer October 22, 2014
My husband is a Geordie! I must show him this gorgeous picture
SunQueen October 28, 2014
My maiden name was Gormly or Gormley as some of the family spelt it . I would like to think that some distant relative created this beautiful image . It has been brought to life by your wonderful photography
Crocrocphoto November 14, 2014
What a unique image, the processing lends a surrealist feel to this giant sculpture
stan_matsui January 22, 2015
My favorite of your images, a complete winner! The lighting is incredible, the people give a sense of scale, and the subject is - amazing! Great perspective; not the typical point-of-view for taking the picture.
estercastillo08 January 24, 2015
Beautiful , thanks for sharing, voted Breaking The Rules
farlow PRO
farlow February 15, 2015
spot on processing, angle, and sharp detail. ;)
adriansart Platinum
adriansart August 05, 2015
Love what you have done with this and so different from all the rest that I have seen of this famous statue!
wolfman57 December 23, 2015
great POV
Prijaznica Platinum
Prijaznica March 26, 2016
Wow, great image!
dmitrysamsonov June 02, 2016
just great
lyndabowyer June 20, 2016
Just love the colour.
debbieswift June 21, 2016
I love the sepia tones and the angle of the wings which is more proportional... stunning choice!
DanOhGee Platinum
DanOhGee February 26, 2018
I love this in sepia! I do have a question you may or may not be able to answer of the wings versus wind in the area. Do the wings or the sculpture rotate/pivot to accommodate wind?
davidgeorgecooper June 12, 2018
A stunning shot. I love the angle and the sense of scale here. Not only a fascinating sculpture but also a great photograph. A worthy winner. Congratulations.
Darrell_Evans June 12, 2018
Thanks for your nice comments David.
MikeBoyle June 12, 2018
Congratulations on your winning photo. Absolute masterpiece !!!!!
Darrell_Evans June 12, 2018
Thank you Mike
MaryAnne306 Platinum
MaryAnne306 June 13, 2018
Fantastic choice of perspective and treatment of this "fascinating sculpture"! Congratulations on your well-deserved challenge win.
JM18Photography PRO+
JM18Photography June 13, 2018
Very cool, congratulations!
roystur July 07, 2018
Superb capture. Many photos have been taken of the 'Angel of the North', but few manage to incorporate scale, composition, & artistry in one image The structure looks its best from this perspective.
colznz PRO+
colznz November 20, 2019
Love this photo

Behind The Lens

The Angel of the North which is just off the A1 at Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, England.
It was an overcast day just before it started to rain which gave nice flat lighting which luckily was what I wanted. I don't think shots showing its harsh shadow would have worked.
Nikon D7100 Nikon 18 - 105 kit lens
I have passed the Angel several times and can't help but to be in awe of the size of this piece of art. It's wingspan is the same as a jumbo jet. As well as the imposing size I wanted to try capturing the people visiting the site as if they are paying homage to the Angel.
When I took the photo I knew it was going to be a black and white shot before I pressed the shutter. The first set was obviously the change to greyscale. The sky was burnt in a touch just to pull out a little detail that was a little over exposed. This was also done to enhance the grandness and enforcing presence. Adjustments to the color channels were made to enhance the tones in the Angel. being greyscale seemed to be lacking something so I played about with color overlays and thought the sepia type tint worked the best.
In my camera bag
Nikon D7100 Nikon 18 - 105 kit lens Nikon 105 Nikon 70 - 200 Nikon 50mm Nissini 866 flash Vivitar 285HV Pocket Wizards Sekonic L-358 Shutter release, filters, batteries, cards and other small items
Have a look at lots of photos of your subject and look for angles that are not shot that often. This can be very hard on subjects that are very popular and may also not be that noticeable until you are there. Also I knew I was going to this site so I pulled it up on good old Google Maps to try get an idea of what I wanted. As we all know the light and time of day makes all the difference to our shots so think of how it is going to portray your subject and how you want to make it look. When I was looking at photos it very fast became evident that shots during the day did not work. Blue sky seemed to detract (in my opinion) from the Angel. I would have settled for a nice sunset but I was lucky enough to get just what I wanted and that was a moody sky. Another thing I noticed was that there were very few black and white shots. This surprised me as that was how I saw it.

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