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SnowbunnyPhotography May 07, 2014
Awwww....poor little guy. :-( He is cute. Hope he made it out alive. :-) Great mow your lawn with your camera in your hand? LOL! :-) Now THAT'S dedication to your art. LOL! :-)
carolinne July 17, 2014
Great moment.
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
SarahKeates July 17, 2014
Such a cute capture! Congrats!
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
WyoGalPhotography July 17, 2014
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
lito July 17, 2014
Beautiful capture...
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
yourlily July 18, 2014
brilliant it.
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
sharonmolan July 18, 2014
beautiful shot!
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
Rl1956 July 18, 2014
congrats on runner up, outstanding details
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
Bannekh July 18, 2014
Great shot
frankosphotography July 18, 2014
Thank you!
greglinck July 18, 2014
I like this better then the winer
lmsusin July 18, 2014
Adorable, Congrats!!
frankosphotography July 19, 2014
MikeHiggins July 19, 2014
Magnificent shot, brilliant.
frankosphotography July 19, 2014
JDLifeshots July 19, 2014
Great capture! Congrats.
frankosphotography July 19, 2014
annharris July 20, 2014
Jeanne713 July 20, 2014
He is so cute. I love this shot. Hope he got away safely.
Arzhtatiana July 20, 2014
Awesome! Congratulations!
Unlimited July 28, 2014
Incredibly crisp and perfect lighting! Congrats!
tmlakshmi August 03, 2014
wonderful shot
kasper August 04, 2014
congrats on your feature. well done.
michaeltillman August 04, 2014
Look like he's just hanging on. This is a real nice close depth of field shot. Congrats on the Featured!
slagtersven August 04, 2014
Super photo
AlanJakarta August 04, 2014
Fabulous close-up. Congratulations on being Featured.
LynnsPhoto August 04, 2014
Awesome detail in this photo and a superb capture!
Timbo August 04, 2014
Just brilliant...well done
catini August 04, 2014
Great capture, congrats on your feature!
akhtarkhan August 04, 2014
Cutie, its curved pose.....wonderful capture. Congrats on the feature.
Bruz August 04, 2014
Hang on there little guy! What a story this one tells. Congrats on the feature.
iceman2 August 04, 2014
Excellent focus in this wonderful shot.Congrats!
nitti August 04, 2014
Oh boy.....too cute. Congrats
BrianpSlade August 04, 2014
A delightful capture....well done and congrats...Brian
vojce August 04, 2014
very,very nice
Barniegoog August 04, 2014
What a superb capture, great work.
goober20101 August 04, 2014
congratulations on your feature
sharongarland August 04, 2014
Wow...bless him
sweetpea72 August 04, 2014
Awww too cute...Congrats! ")
GordonD August 04, 2014
So brilliant :) congratulations!!!
lisagallant August 04, 2014
Cute picture!
Capture-Life August 04, 2014
SO cute !! CONGRATS ! :):)
rmr731 August 04, 2014
Such a great capture! Congrats on being featured!
KIRWAN August 04, 2014
Simply beautiful
gondmagdi August 04, 2014
hahahaha, love the story, great shot ! Congratulations !
morriskleyman August 04, 2014
Super+++++!!!!! Loved it!! Great shot!!!!
juditharmstrong August 04, 2014
I'm not normally a mouse fan but this is a really great shot. Well done.
lorraineallaway August 04, 2014
Fabulous picture, so much detail.
Manjucus August 04, 2014
Gorgeous shot of a beautiful subject, well done mate, amazing to see so many people concerned about the little guys welfare. If you didn't care you wouldn't have taken the time to photograph him.
SusiStroud August 04, 2014
I love this shot - I sure can see how scared the little mouse is. Congratulations on your Feature.
RominaItalia August 04, 2014
Beautiful capture in every way and you captured it all!
LaurieS August 04, 2014
great capture love it
omninsurance August 04, 2014
omninsurance August 04, 2014
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prairiem August 04, 2014
Great capture, very well done. It's cute but you can also sense the tension as it clings to the tree.
AmrutaMachetty August 04, 2014
melissafarelli August 04, 2014
One of my favorite this version, great editing and post production. Congratulations on your much deserved recognition.
Karine August 05, 2014
Fantastic little thin and great photo!
HappyTree August 06, 2014
Wonderful work...
leda August 06, 2014
arizonadkins August 06, 2014
I love this shot...makes me feel like I'm right there with him. He's adorable too.
darrindenison August 07, 2014
Amazing photo! LOVE IT! =o)
vasasphotography August 07, 2014
Good depth of field.
billrafferty August 08, 2014
Outstanding capture
NightArrow85 August 09, 2014
Stunning photo, catches my eye every time I see it on a page!
vbsuzanne33_ca1117751 August 10, 2014
Awesome pic! Also, what Snowbunny said...:)
ShifraG August 10, 2014
Cute capture!! Congrats on being featured & well deserved!! :))
patticarol August 13, 2014
Great shot. Love the detail.
justkim1106 August 19, 2014
What an awesome capture.
Jacc August 19, 2014
great capture
bugsysposy August 21, 2014
Super camera , super shot ; nice tuning in to nature / caring and sharing . Beautiful ( Oak ) tree and clouded sky reflected in his big scared eye !
chrissy2rn August 22, 2014
Frank, this is the absolute essence of what photography is all about.... being there at the right time and capturing that moment. Congrats on the feature. Well deserved.
chrissy2rn August 22, 2014
Ps: the narrative you included on this capture made it all the sweeter! I wish more photogs on Viewbug would follow suit. :)
barbarasjones August 28, 2014
Great Shot and he/she is so cute.
onyanita August 29, 2014
superb...lovely light, colour and dof
amyktoney August 29, 2014
This is one of my favorite photos I've seen on here yet!
cynwit August 30, 2014
Love this pic and can just imagine the puggle jumping trying to get him!!
ReneeBlake September 04, 2014
fabulous capture ! Congrats !
ALF2 September 14, 2014
Amazing find . great focus
BElaPhotography September 15, 2014
MarkoG September 20, 2014
FAB image!!!
Jules66 September 27, 2014
Brilliant image!
MaryAnne306 September 30, 2014
What a cute little guy, hate to think of him being so scared. Great capture, amazing detail.
HaliSowle October 11, 2014
SUper image, great moment captured. Poor little guy!
jackie007 October 14, 2014
great shot so cute
51goldie October 20, 2014
Wow - fantastic shot.
onyanita November 20, 2014
superb capture...congrats on the awards!
Nikonover December 02, 2014
Superb capture,love the composition, and ultra sharp.
timsridharan December 13, 2014
good for you such a great shot. voted.
rhamm December 19, 2014
Very cute.
jeanniechris December 20, 2014
Great shot.
Ingleman December 24, 2014
Exquisite skill, stunning wildlife close up. Well done!
gondmagdi December 31, 2014
fantastic shot !
Ennie January 01, 2015
this is great!
Laurencousi January 03, 2015
Lovely shot
feliciemilhit January 06, 2015
Beautiful! :)
satishv January 14, 2015
Great shot......
Dennamarie January 15, 2015
Excellent capture. The best I've seen.
cmorisset January 15, 2015
Wow what a story and what a superb shot! Congrats Frank it is simply stunning, bravo!
Nikonover January 19, 2015
Wow,what can I say,it's all been said,that's one hell of a photo.
DanushiaDee January 23, 2015
Amazing Clarity and Detail. So is that a mouse? I've never seen one up close and personal like this so not sure, lol. May I ask what kind of camera you used to get this shot?
Nansee January 26, 2015
So much detail
Love this photo, so special.
pfairchild February 16, 2015
I get tickled every time I see this photo! Great shot!
rosaliescanlon February 19, 2015
Excellent capture with wonderful detail and colors.
susanneradke February 27, 2015
A wonderful capture . bet it was not that easy....
Lindaspics February 28, 2015
Well it's all been said here but I had to tell you I just love this, you feel you are touching him with your eyes.
Smamfab February 28, 2015
beverleypohlner March 01, 2015
Fabulous shot, so crisp and clear.
kdkat March 02, 2015
You carry your camera with you when you mow your lawn??? You are one dedicated photographer. This is an adorable photo. Well done. And even better that you still notice the little things while engaged otherwise. This is such a great story and shot.
kellymdick March 05, 2015
Incredible! Love this :)
1islandgirl March 05, 2015
One of my favourites!!
CraigWest March 05, 2015
Oops, I thought I had friends in high places. Great shot!
Nameda March 06, 2015
There should be a cutesie overload award :D
shelbytaylor_1740 April 05, 2015
lol! i take my camera a lot of places but not the lawn mower.....but after seeing a shot such as this, i might! ;) great detail!
allen April 22, 2015
JGrubb123 May 01, 2015
awesome shot!
jmain6 May 09, 2015
Love, love, love this mouse (?) You snapped at the perfect moment!
wenchejostad May 13, 2015
Wonderful .... I love it. Great light :)
rogercampeau May 16, 2015
Wow 11 awesome capture :)
susantayloredens May 22, 2015
Awesome Capture!
CWphotos5 May 22, 2015
Superb capture! Congratulations!
Chillbrook June 10, 2015
This is a fabulous photograph. The subject, light, focus, it's all there. Superb!
vjs1963 June 11, 2015
He is so Cute
gunners42 June 14, 2015
Excellent....... way to go!
PhotoRon June 20, 2015
sharlenescarboroughdodds July 06, 2015
Amazing Capture Love This
agwinney July 11, 2015
I have a family of mice living in one of the cupboards in my garage, every once in a while I get a chance to catch one with my camera, this is a great shot, I'm jealous!!
adriansart July 19, 2015
A stunner Frank!
EmilySpring July 19, 2015
Very cute and very awesome capture!
Mike_Ydea July 25, 2015
wooow nice shoot
sharlenescarboroughdodds July 26, 2015
Beautiful Capture
Lillymeg July 27, 2015
What a delightful little fellow, a great capture.
cara53 July 31, 2015
Everything can be beautiful.....great shot!
JDLifeshots August 01, 2015
lisashortellpreece August 16, 2015
Absolutely amazing photo, isn't he adorable!
CWphotos5 August 25, 2015
Super nice details! Congratulations!
nandicmb August 25, 2015
Stupendous shot! Congratulations on your win
1944LYNKS August 30, 2015
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1944LYNKS August 30, 2015
Fantastic capture.
rickthompson September 21, 2015
Well done!!
MrsGriffin January 18, 2016
A wonderful shot made even richer by the story behind it. Way to go Murphy and kuddos to you. :)
Eduardbetz February 03, 2016
A Masterpiece !
JoanLoBo February 07, 2016
incredible shot...truly amazing.
lizziemellis March 26, 2016
Aww! Excellent capture:-)
ChasingShadows May 19, 2016
Wonderful shot!
lorischedlercarter July 07, 2016
This is what I aspire to accomplish one day......great photo :)
Cavanrose July 29, 2016
Awesome picture !
Travelphotography August 10, 2016
Very nice!
Duchess November 03, 2016
I love this. Well done I have so much to learn.
nandumenon November 03, 2016
wow....great work.
naturisk November 17, 2016
So darling, what an amazing macro capture! Awesome!
Paulacook144 December 19, 2016
What a wonderful image. Great catch lights in the eyes. Well seen and handled.
sharilee January 13, 2017
SUCH DETAIL and of course cuteness!!
michaelkuijl January 18, 2017
Great capture..
kathyk_abq February 10, 2017
What a wonderful image - just adorable!
clem February 01, 2018
Wading through peoples pictures, then bam! Now that's worth looking at.
Absolutely gorgeous.
Lmer March 15, 2018
Great shot!
RSKATZ April 07, 2018
incredible vibrant color and detail. absolutely love this picture
samanthawilson25 May 24, 2018
What a charismatic little mouse!. Fabulous photo!!.
joynshannon December 03, 2018
Love the shot, and the story. Just shows us all, honestly, keep our cameras close, eh. 😊
ssshoot Apr 13

"Tree Mouse" IMG_3969

I was on my tractor mowing when I spotted this field mouse at the very top of a spruce tree clinging for life. It was shaking and and I was wondering why it ran...
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I was on my tractor mowing when I spotted this field mouse at the very top of a spruce tree clinging for life. It was shaking and and I was wondering why it ran up the tree insured of just into the brush. I then noticed "Murphy" our Puggle sitting at the the base of the tree staring up at him. The mouse was about 7' off the ground and I stayed on my tractor to take the photo. Canon 7D 1/500sec @ F4.
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in central Michigan on the property that I have lived on for the past 30 years. We own 55 acres and have managed it primary to attract wildlife of all types.
It was 7:05 pm on a July day.
It was still very light out but the sun was behind the mouse and backlighting his whiskers and ear. There are pine trees about 20 yards behind the mouse with bright spots filtering through the branches.
I used my Canon EOS 7D with the Canon EF70-200 f/4L IS USM. 1/500 at f4, ISO 400. It was a hand held shot while standing on my tractor. The mouse was about 6 to 7 foot from the ground. (More about that below)
I was actually on my tractor pulling a brush hog and spotted this mouse at eye level with me as I was passing the pine tree. I try to carry my camera when I am out back because I quite often see something to shoot. The mouse was at the very top of the tree clinging for its life. He was shaking with fear and I was trying to figure out why he would climb a tree instead of run into the brush like I normally see them do. I then noticed "Murphy" our Puggle, sitting at the base of the tree staring straight up at him. He was so cute and I kept thinking "Sometimes life is just like this and we just have to hang on and ride it out!" :) I have had many people ask so I will say it now: Yes the mouse made it out safely... As soon as I was done taking some photos, I broke Murphy's obsession with him and we left the area. :)
I take RAW images and used Lightroom for processing. It was one of those photos that took very little processing. Due to the backlighting I used the "fill light" to brighten up the mouse, a little bit of vibrance and contrast. I normally use clarity but decided that I liked a "softer look" better.
In my camera bag
I have a Canon 5D Mark 3 and 7D. I own 8 L series lenses but unless I am on a road trip I would normally carry the 100mm f/2.8 IS Macro, 24-105mm f/4 IS USM and one of my 70-200mm IS USM Telephoto Lenses (own the f/4 and the f/2.8 models)
I have had a passion for photography all my life. I got away from it for a few years and when I sold my business, started getting serious again when digital came to the scene. My advice is to find a piece of undeveloped land to wander around on with your camera. I am constantly amazed at the little things I discover that make interesting photos. Having my camera with me makes me slow down and look at everything around me more closely. I find that I really appreciate the beauty in nature so much more. It is like meditation for me. Earlier today I was out fishing in our pond and found a big batch of fresh toad stools that made for some really cool photos. I will be posting those soon on ViewBug! :)

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