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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Exbury Gardens in Hampshire.
To be honest, I couldn't remember exactly when I took this so I had to check the meta data! It was just after midday. The worse time to take photos in many cases, as the sun can be too harsh, but this was in May and in shaded area and so the light had to be strong enough to penetrate the trees.
I just went with what I had!
This was taken on my old Nikon D40X (I now use a D700). Hand held, no flash.
The colours of the petals and the tunnel effect drew my attention to the shot. But I also loved the carpet of red petals on the ground.
This particular image is the second version in which I used a technique in Photoshop to soften the image, creating a slightly out of focus and surreal look. If any ones looks up the work of Michael Orton, they will soon get the idea. (http://www.michaelortonphotography.com/ortoneffect.html).
In my camera bag
Now, I often carry a tripod, Lee ND Filters, polarizing filter, a remote shutter release, a standard 50 mm, and 70 -300 mm telephoto. I usually have a 24 - 120 mm fixed to the camera.
If I were doing this again, I would probably try earlier or later in the day to be able to use the light more effectively for shadows. I may even try in the dark, using long exposures and painting with light - torches or flash etc. You can get some great spooky effects that way.

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