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Shot inside a ruin at Sears Kay Indian Ruins in Arizona on the night of the total lunar eclipse. The moon is on the too left corner of the picture with Mars jus...
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Shot inside a ruin at Sears Kay Indian Ruins in Arizona on the night of the total lunar eclipse. The moon is on the too left corner of the picture with Mars just to the right of it. I'll tell you it's very eerie being on top of a mountain and inside an Indian ruin during a lunar eclipse. I have to give credit to my friend Heather Traficano for painting the scene with the light.
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Chasingthelight_67 May 23, 2014
Great work!
vastdreamer May 23, 2014
Thanks so much!
Timbo May 23, 2014
Great result, very creative.....
vastdreamer May 23, 2014
Thank you!
catini May 23, 2014
Great exposure, congrats on your feature!
AlanJakarta PRO+
AlanJakarta May 23, 2014
Brilliant creative time exposure. Congratulations.
SusiStroud PRO+
SusiStroud May 23, 2014
Awesome! Congratulations on your feature.
lito May 23, 2014
Nice effects....
ori PRO
ori May 23, 2014
nice shot!
iceman2 May 23, 2014
Beautiful job.Congrats!
annapurnasingh May 23, 2014
kkat PRO
kkat May 23, 2014
Amazing! Congratulations!!
AymanSaadedin May 23, 2014
very nice vision :) well-done
fotogalmexican May 23, 2014
LionesLens May 23, 2014
Love your creativity! Congratulations!
epaminondaspouris May 26, 2014
beautiful job!!! well done
redwriter PRO
redwriter May 28, 2014
Great creative shot. Congrats. - Jake
salmakhan May 29, 2014
Wonderful photography do you have a youpic profile?upload this into youpic website world best photography place
maryruth2011 PRO
maryruth2011 June 01, 2014
Your friend is a master with light painting...great work!
crazycolumbus June 02, 2014
Awesome work!!!
Owenhoyt June 17, 2014
What did you use to make this?
vastdreamer August 19, 2014
an L.E.D. string light. you can buy them at Party City or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Places like that. They are usually in the home and garden areas.
Owenhoyt June 17, 2014
That still looks impressive!
ahmedfouadibraheem August 05, 2014
Fantastic Shot
phyllisbennett October 15, 2014
very cool!!
wildwoman27 November 07, 2014
well done
doko January 13, 2015
best of best
vastdreamer January 16, 2015
thanks :)
SoundlessSheep January 19, 2015
Really impressive!
kfahey January 28, 2015
judyhorton March 06, 2015
Awesome; love the way you've used the lights within the ring of stones...super great control of the lights!
pubududias86 March 26, 2015
EtienneV March 31, 2015
How did you do that ?
kerryleyland May 31, 2015
Amazing shot
MElder PRO
MElder July 19, 2015
kenstewart September 04, 2015
Really compelling use of a great location. Well done!
paulatchinson PRO
paulatchinson Feb 19
Hi - this image would be a great entry for my ‘LIGHT PAINTING’ challenge I have recently created.
Could I persuade to give it a go and enter?
The URL is
To enter Go to my Viewbug Page - click on my avatar image - click on the link to CHALLENGES, then CREATED and choose ‘LIGHT PAINTING’.
I hope you enter and best of luck.

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on the top of a foothill of Cave Creek, Arizona, in an archeological site called Sears Kay Indian Ruins. It's one of my favorite places to hike to because of how much you can see around you and the astonishing rock structures built there too.
It was around midnight during a lunar eclipse. The moon can be seen in the top left corner of the photo along with Mars I believe.
For the lighting I relied solely on the string light. I knew that it provided enough glow around it to light up the walls of the structure.
I used a Canon 5D Mark II, along with an old Film Fisheye, Manfrotto Tripod, and a string light commonly found in the garden section of a home improvement store.
I had been dabbling with light painting for awhile but when looking at other photographers photographs and then at mine I realized that the focus was purely on the light and not the surroundings. I wanted to create a photo where the focus could still be the light but would be contained in one area showing it's surrounds.
In Lightroom 4.0 I cropped the photo because the old film lens was way too wide. I then brought out more of the orange on the bottom and blue on the top so they would compliment each other better.
In my camera bag
I try to minimize what I take with me in traveling and hiking situations. I recently bought a little canvas bag that allows me to fit my camera and about 2-3 lenses in it. However I usually kick myself when I don't bring almost everything. So here's the run down of what is in my big bag and and then what I normally take in my canvas. In the big bag is my Canon 5D Mark II, 50mm 1.8, 20mm 2.8, 24-105mm 4.0 L Series, 40mm 2.8, Lensbaby with soft focus, double glass, and pinhole lenses, 550 EX II Flash, Cokin GND Filters, intervalometer, 5 8GB memory cards, 2 16GB memory cards, 4 Camera Batteries with 2 chargers, Headlamp flash light and my abundance of string lights. In my small canvas bag I usually only bring my Canon 5D Mark II, 24-105mm 4.0 L Series, 40mm 2.8, and my 550 EX II flash.
Set your ISO to 1000 and shutter speed at 30 seconds. Keep your aperture wide to let all the light in. These settings may vary due to the fact that the moon was out. Make sure you use a sturdy tripod and if you have an remote shutter, use it. Don't worry about being in the shot if you are moving. You will only be seen in the picture if the light is on you for a long period of time standing still. Try to figure out what you want the focus to be on, such as a pathway, archway, automobile, etc. You can also make your lights in a variety of ways. In the past I've used a clip light on a bicycle wheel, taped string lights to a pool noodle, and also attached lights onto people for a more fluid movement. There are so many possibilities in the field of light painting. Just remember to be creative, find your subject, try different settings and always use a tripod.

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