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matheusjosemaria April 02, 2014
I love this shot.
There is something that reminds a horror movie.
JeffreyA April 03, 2014
cool shot,,well done
JeffreyA April 03, 2014
kinda like a movie poster
mikemalak April 03, 2014
Nice shot
Capture-Life April 03, 2014
I love it, girl ! :):) creative and fun!
lito May 07, 2014
Great imagination!
Amazing shot!
AlanJakarta May 07, 2014
Nice image. Congratulations.
Dmullanephotography May 07, 2014
Great shot
philipbebbington May 07, 2014
Cracking artistic portrait image,thinking outside the box.Congrats
hotpixel May 07, 2014
Love it !! Very creative !! Congratulations
WileKyK May 07, 2014
Creepy and cool all at the same time. Congratulations on your Feature!
catini May 07, 2014
Very nice, congrats on your feature!
akhtarkhan May 07, 2014
Amazing, cool blue eye in the dark and the pink lips reflection....terrific idea and horrific capture. Congrats on the feature.
iceman2 May 07, 2014
Wonderful image.Congrats!
tonygallant May 07, 2014
WoW... what an awesome set up.
Behind-the-Fire-Scene May 07, 2014
I really love this. Great work
sweetpea72 May 07, 2014
Love it.. Congrats! :)
Beautiful-Breeze May 07, 2014
debhall May 07, 2014
Very well done...creepy but beautiful! Congrats on your feature!
LionesLens May 07, 2014
Very nice! Congratulations on your feature award!
Wayne_Sr May 07, 2014
Congratulations, Great Shot...:~)
sxsvexen May 08, 2014
Great idea! I like it a lot!!!
aayushmathur May 08, 2014
Lovely shot, congrats...
srimanta May 09, 2014
excellent........congrats...... :) Sri
maurisamayerle May 09, 2014
carolinecummings May 13, 2014
Oh my gosh, this is so creative.
thierryvouillamoz June 04, 2014
stylishsunny June 23, 2014
Wow, This is incredible~~excellent!
censrd July 16, 2014
texaaronpueschel July 18, 2014
Shawboose July 22, 2014
Love the art.
ruaj July 29, 2014
MindeyeVisual December 17, 2014
My favorite reflection image I've seen for awhile. No joke
Rahul6129 December 18, 2014
superb click...good work
GD20photography January 05, 2015
Love this photo!!!!
cynfrosty January 25, 2015
glossieme February 10, 2015
Nice work:-)
gunners42 February 23, 2015
Nice work...well done, Congrats!
bugsysposy March 17, 2015
Lovely !
tinabowden May 15, 2015
brilliant photo
jimhelmick May 26, 2015
WOW, very creative. Super photo.
Marston July 22, 2015
Superb image, well done. Marston
FazooLoo July 25, 2015
Beautiful idea, how to presented, great shoot as well, may I ask is the phototure as been turn, up way down, on a dark glass table!
paigephotography November 11, 2016
Gorgeous shot. This is outstanding. The makeup is brilliant. I was wondering if you would like to enter this into my photo challenge called Your Haunting Portraits and this truly fits the rules of my challenge.

My darkness takes over

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April challenge
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Behind The Lens

This picture of myself was taken in my mom house on a glass table.
Its was during the day,I would say around 2pm right after I decided to join a photo challenge.
I wanted it to clear but at the same time not to much just to be more dramatic. It was all the natural light coming from the big window in my mom's livingroom and at the same time it was reflecting on the glass table and I though to myself: Hum.. Might as well start with my first challenge right now.
This was shot with my Fujifilm FinePix S4200 and nothing else.
A photo challenge. I needed to take a specific shot every day for a month and my first challenge was a creative self portrait.
I started with rotating the shot and then I used lightroom. I tried a new preset I just downloaded at that time and then ajust the brightness, the constrast and the sharpness mostly. I tried to make the upper part of my face more in the darkness and in black and white and the rest of my face really pale with bold lips and eyes.
In my camera bag
First of all I have a backpack Lowepro, pretty good quality and size. I always have my Nikon D3200, my 18-55mm and my 55-200mm lenses. Also my FujiFilm FiniPix S4200. A led light, lots of batteries and a big 64gb memory card.
I did not capture the perfect shot right away. Just put my camera on the 10sec time, put my chin on the glass table and believe me or not but after at least 15min of trying to get the one shot I was looking for I was sweating like hell. So don't give up after 10 wierd croocked shots and make sure to not be right next to the window and to not face it but just a bit on the side so that the dramatic effect is really there.

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