Rusty Padlock





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Mark7D December 29, 2014
Great work ;)
frenchiepooh November 13, 2016
Hi Minediie .. ur new friend on FB Rachel .. here Frenchiepooh : )) nice shot
Pizzuti_Photography PRO+
Pizzuti_Photography August 08, 2019
Love this!
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my own yard. It was that rusty padlock that barely work and my mom was just always telling my dad to change it. I just wanted to capture his last breath as a rusty, not good enough padlock.
This is actually one of my all time favorite image. Not only because of my great composition but because of the amount of details created by the outdoor faded light of the late and cloudy afternoon,
I obviously thought about opening the door for different light on each of them but after trying and trying to get the best shot I just decided that an open door was not working to show enough details in the wood and the metal. I just closed the door, let all the light possible and chose a low iso just because of all this light coming from everywhere, to calm it down a bit.
This was shot with my Nikon D3200 and my first lens that came with it when I bought it. My 18-55mm.
I wanted this picture to show the most out of what it was. I know it is only a padlock for some people but for me it was that padlock that was the subject of discution everytime my mom was going to see my dad outdoor in the shed. I wanted to create a memory for myself that was more than just a rusty padlock but an emotion. Because everyone wants memories but I am the kind of people that tries to remember every bit of feeling related to it as possible. And for me at that moment those feelings where related to love, hardwork, passion and family.
I did some post-processing but most of it came out straigt from the camera. I just added even more details and I toned down a bit the big radical orange color that was coming from the rusty padlock. I just thougt it was taking the eye away from the rest of the image, wich was also pretty nicely going all together as one.
In my camera bag
The things I always have in my backpack are My Nikon D3200 with my 18-55mm lens and my 55-200mm lens which I use most of the time. I also have a small Fujifilm FinePix for close up. I like to bring my YONGNUO YN-1410 LED light, really useful when I do my nightlife festival.
For anyone trying to get a similar shot, hold the camera on top of the padlock, make sure the padlock is in focus. Use only natural light and do not worry if you dont see through the viewfinder at the same time, just guest your position and stay positive, your going to get your perfect shot.

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