Bad Moon Rising





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Beautiful-Breeze PRO+
Beautiful-Breeze March 30, 2014
Wow, love the reflection of the guys face in the fan of the building below. Really well done!!!! Super creative and awe inspiring. :-)
vanjans March 31, 2014
I truly appreciate your observation Beautiful-Breeze and I also marvel your imagination. You are right, it looks like that there is a reflection of a face on the sail of the Sydney Opera House, however it was not intentional on my side. Does it matter? I guess not!

This is a composite picture consists of 3 elements:
1 Sydney Opera House during the annual Vivid Light Show (2012 I believe).
2 Image of the moon I took recently
3 The phantom like character holding the moon is a talented model from a photo shoot.

Thanks again.
TrinityHawk July 15, 2014
I agree with Beautiful-Breeze this is a very creative photograph. You may of not meant to create the reflective face in the sail, and yeat it does not matter if it was intentional, but it still adds to the over all creativness of the photograph and artistic perspective of the photo. Great Job.
vanjans July 15, 2014
Thanks TrinityHawk. I find that this picture either resonates with people or not at all. Your comment is much appreciated.
PatricaK PRO
PatricaK January 01, 2015
very creative.
vanjans January 01, 2015
Thanks Patrica