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Rmay1 Apr 19
Congratulations on people's choice in Camera Glory contest.
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Behind The Lens

I took this picture in my living room on a small setup on a television tray
Was taken mid afternoon on a day when very pleasant natural light was coming in from the windows.
I used a combination of natural light and light from my new Lume Cube Panel Pro and Lume Cube Mini, i actually hand held the Lume Cube moving it around to highlight different aspects of the camera
Used my Canon EOS M6 with the EFM 28mm f/3.5 macro lens, Lume Cube Panel Pro, Lume Cube Mini, puluz photo light box, macro focusing rail, adjustable head on the macro rail
I am a huge collector of vintage cameras so this was right up my alley, I love the artistic almost sculpture like qualities of these old cameras. This Kodak Bantam is a mini land style camera that fits in the palm of my hand, so it was an objective to make it appear larger by using the macro lens.
Not to much, I use photoshop express to do a few basic edits, but I guess somewhere in my heart I still look at photography through the lens of a 35mm film photographer I went to school for.
In my camera bag
Canon EOS M6, 15-55mm lens, 55-200mm lens, 28mm macro lens, lume cube panel pro, lume cube mini, small tripod,
Have fun, just experiment, I was initially playing around with some new lighting equipment, I try not to take myself to seriously and just approach each photography situation with a sense of adventure.

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