Chasingthelight_67 April 04, 2014
Great long exposure.
heathermcfw April 04, 2014
one of the best carousel shots Ive seen, great long exposure.
kasper July 16, 2014
Congrats on the finalist award. Outstanding picture.
Rl1956 July 16, 2014
spectacular, congrats
filipfrisk July 16, 2014
That is very awesome!
elia July 17, 2014
Magnifica toma
Dacemac July 17, 2014
Wonderful exposure...Congratulations!
debcoimages July 19, 2014
I have seen a million of these shots, this is by far the best! Congratulations! Is it fog or smoke that has given the look and feel?
carstenriedl July 19, 2014
Thx! Its smoke thats given the look.
vkvictoria July 19, 2014
Hermosoas fotos,las mejores que he visto,Felicitaciones !!1
Frostwings July 23, 2014
The dark fogginess lends such a unique mood to this you wouldn't expect to feel from a carnival shot. Great work!
lorenzsprotofski-kuipers August 09, 2014
Sauber Carsten :) Hat sich doch schon gelohnt auf die Seite hier zu kommen :P. Steht der Gewinner schon fest?
johankoch August 18, 2014
stunning-tick all the boxes
Spijkerboer August 18, 2014
woww very nice shot
William_Doyle August 18, 2014
Yup, that's pretty awesome.
westi August 18, 2014
Wildly beautiful and unique! Conjures up such a mood and atmosphere. And I love that you can look at it in a humorous way too....looks like a giant spinning hub cap.
Thimbee August 18, 2014
Very nice work. Congrats
SeanThurston August 18, 2014
great capture. Congrats!
EyeArtsbyMichael August 18, 2014
this leaves me speechless freaking great
lynnemk August 18, 2014
Cool shot.
Rl1956 August 18, 2014
this is truly a deserved win, I was a finalist and this image clearly was the winner. congrats
Linelady August 18, 2014
Congrats - love the shot!
RhondaMcD August 18, 2014
Stunning capture - congratulations.
AlanJakarta August 18, 2014
Great shot. Congratulations on being the Winner.
lorenzsprotofski-kuipers August 18, 2014
Gratulation Carsten :) Mehr als verdient. Und ein weiteren Sieg eingeheimst :P
harveyjewett August 19, 2014
That is an awesome capture! Well done!
Danelle August 19, 2014
I absolutely love this!
bhaskardas August 20, 2014
just great
Kerry1 August 24, 2014
Great shot.. Love it. :-))
KristyYang September 02, 2014
breathtaking!! The mysterious feel is so captivating!
chelbylynn June 08, 2016
Photodynamic_sierra June 24, 2016
I like how this shot is stormy and moody, which makes it different from most long exposure ride shots. Well done!
PaulWatt September 21, 2017
Love this! Awesome shot, the tones are great!
photo-bloom September 29, 2017
Everything about this picture is just awesome. I like your superior post-processing skills! Congratulations to your outstanding work!
rpdhjja October 25, 2017
tonytelly November 28, 2017
I love this shot.

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