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michelbissonnette December 18, 2014
Love the sharp detail.The photo reminds me of my Golden who also love chewing branches.
feliciemilhit December 19, 2014
Honey... :)
Remraf February 26, 2015
Great shot!
AlanJakarta February 26, 2015
Lovely shot. Congratulations on being Featured.
Barniegoog February 26, 2015
Wonderful image. Great focus work.
toml721 February 26, 2015
What is it with Dog'sand sticks.?? The simplest of toys!! Cat's have boxes and Dogs have sticks I guess ! lol
tetvet February 26, 2015
great shot, congrats
chuckrickman February 26, 2015
Makes me smile. Congrats on being featured.
thierryvouillamoz February 26, 2015
Thank you. It made me smile too and I am amazed.
iceman2 February 26, 2015
Very nice.Congratulations on being feature.
PredragJ February 26, 2015
This is exactly whats wrong with todays photographers. This is just a snapshot with a crazy angle. This is not a photograph worth being featured on a photograph website where there are a lot more people that are way more creative. Its a nice looking dog I have to agree. My friend has one
sweetpea72 February 26, 2015
Absolutely Love this..I was taking pics of my dog chewing sticks yesterday...Congrats!! ")
thunderlake February 26, 2015
Love this shot - makes me miss my pupper
Capture-Life February 26, 2015
bahaha LOOVE this!!! :):) the cutest dog chewing sticks, I've seen!! My dogs (a male and a female sheltie) are too .. prissy.. to chew sticks.. they prefer the typical bones and ropes bahaha! :):) CONGRATS!
PatCorlinPhotography February 26, 2015
Hmmm ... Love!
lindseyroney February 26, 2015
Amazing photo!
nickyphotographer February 27, 2015
Just saw this on the recent additions to the 'Hall of Fame' photographs and thought i recognised it from somewhere! Congrats :)
Wendy-May February 27, 2015
My boy loves to chew on sticks like this too... and he pulls some amazing faces as he does so! lol :)
Ayersphotography March 01, 2015
Love it!
patstang March 05, 2015
Love this one ... captures everything so perfectly and nice crisp detail!
allanpartington March 05, 2015
Lovely shot
GKennedy March 05, 2015
Nice to see that my dog is not the only one that wants to eat the world. Great point of view and the expression you captured is great. Congratulations on being featured for this excellent photograph.
jasonaskim March 05, 2015
Get Some...... Looks like a lot of fun.
DanushiaDee March 07, 2015
Gotta Love those Golden Labs, especially when they're as beautiful as this one ; - ) Great Shot.
ankursaini April 06, 2015
lovely :)
redwriter April 20, 2015
Great shot & view angle. Congrats.
kirsty123 May 05, 2015
Lovely shot of a lovely dog you can almost hear the dog chewing his stick
nc4hand May 14, 2015
Ha! Love this. Is it a universal Golden thing to love chewing sticks? Mine does it too!
Nice capture.
kellygraves June 08, 2015
love love love - and "wow" to PredragJ. Me and my camera would not have gotten this shot and I love crazy angles and getting up close to my animal pals. I won't be entering any contests or even posting my photos if this is the attitude out there.
margaretpaddock July 06, 2015
enjoying his relaxing chew rite a comment
TimCee July 28, 2015
Lovely photo... good D.o.f. and color.
chasinglight August 06, 2015
Love the edits of this photo. Great shot!!! I am a softy for Goldens :)
Minediie August 12, 2015
Beautiful close up, love it :) if you have time, take a look at my phototures :)
catherinethompson February 18, 2018
Great shot. A dog being a dog.






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