cyfaro November 18, 2014
Magnifique! Bravo.
thierryvouillamoz November 18, 2014
Raj1 November 30, 2014
spot on and great portrait.
verletzen December 04, 2014
I love the expression, this model's face is perfect for capturing emotion. Excellent work!
thierryvouillamoz December 04, 2014
Thanks you.
ybbag420 December 16, 2014
WOW! Gorgeous capture!
thierryvouillamoz December 16, 2014
Thank you.
muscularchristian December 20, 2014
Great look kind of fierce lioness cub child wonderfully done kudos to you
briancann December 27, 2014
Love the tones and the intensity of the look. A powerful image.
hkphotography December 28, 2014
Nice capture of emotion
PeterEvans23 December 31, 2014
OMG what a look you have captured here excellent work from the both of you !!!
BrunoHeeb January 17, 2015
all-time favorite,got my vote,love it
Milominderbinder January 18, 2015
Incredible portrait!
ovosphotography January 31, 2015
Diogo_Pereira February 07, 2015
My favorite photo in the contest, if I was the jury you'd win! ;) Very well done! :)
Wendy-May February 21, 2015
So beautiful!
RedSkyPhotos February 23, 2015
amazing photo! looks like a young lioness ready to attack.
simonparry April 11, 2016
Excellent shot,well done
hjanephoto September 13, 2016
Mursadur_Rahman_Akash April 14, 2017
lonniemagistad February 15, 2018
Great photo. Your creativity stands out!!!! Can't wait to see more of your outstanding talent!!

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Nov, 2014

If i had a heart

Photo natural lights. Photo shoot done in Sion Switzerland.

Model : Blanche

Submitted to Photo Contests


Won FeaturedSeptember, 2016
Won People's Choice in Pop of color portrait Photo ChallengeMarch, 2015
Won Contest Finalist in Monthly Pro Vol 7 Photo ContestFebruary, 2015


Peer Award

Superb Composition
Peer Award
Top Choice
Absolute Masterpiece
Outstanding Creativity
Superior Skill
Magnificent Capture
All Star

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Top 30 class week 2
Top 30 class week 1
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Top 10 class week 1
Top 10 class
Top 10 class week 1


Behind The Lens

I took this picture in Sion, Switzerland. We were on a narrow road that leads to the Castle of Valere - not far from where the model lives.
The picture was taken at 3:30 PM
It was a cloudy and dark day. In order to maintain the maximum amount of detail I chose to underexpose my images and decided to not go above 200 ISO. To avoid the blurred, this image was shot at 1/120s using 135mm L opened to F/2.
My Canon EOS 6D with a 135mm L f/2.
I enjoy working with Blanche Dubas. as a model, I find her face inspiring. On this particular day she was angry because a girl at school had upset her and gotten the better of her emotions.
Lightroom was used to to light her face. To get this effect, I turned off the hightlight, lightly reduced the intensity of the shadows, increased the whites by 50%, reduced the blacks and increased brightness. The final touches were applied with Photoshop. These included the slight darkening of her freckles with a paintbrush, I corrected a few stray hairs that were over her right cheek, and brightened the whites of her eyes.
In my camera bag
When I'm not working I usually carry with me a Fujifilm X20 or my Minolta XD 5. When I work, I take with me a Canon 6D and two lenses, a 135 mm L and my 50 mm. If I'm planning on working analog (35mm film) I will take an EOS 30 instead of my 6D.
In order to succeed with this type of portrait it's important to find a face that you appreciate. I have photographed this model on multiple occasions. In order to capture certain expressions and looks, familiarity with with your subject is essential. This familiarity builds a trust that puts your model at ease even if they're not having the best of days. On this particular day my model was angry and it was her that came and asked for a photo shoot. We walked up a small road and found a shady spot. But the location and the right person aren't always enough. After choosing the angle and the direction of her eyes, I asked her to look at the camera and captured this shot.

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