RaphaelMaverickDebaty February 25, 2016
I appreciate your comment on this photo and it turned out superb! Really amazing shot!
loveMustangs March 09, 2016
Wow!!! you did indeed go to a lot of trouble and here I thought you just climbed the one rock :D
Thank you for sharing and for your awesome Photo!!!
DeniseOwingsPhotog March 17, 2016
This photo is amazing in timing, composition and even more importantly emotion. The emotion of joy and triumph radiates out of it. The rare reward for working so hard with body and soul to capture 'that moment'. Well done.
Martien_Bakens April 29, 2017
Wonderful shot, thanks for the learning and great timing and exposure.
LaurieS June 08, 2017
Very cool, love it!
RamyDelariarte June 13, 2018

More from Andre_Farinha

Feb, 2016

Ancient Watermark

This ... this was an adventure !!
my first major craziness I have done since I returned to Portugal mainland after coming Azores.
tale here my story, not for someone repeat but for some of you have the notion that we sometimes puts ourselves in dangerous situations without realizing.
this was a difficult image taken!
not because of technical conditions but due to the location that was difficult to access!
to access this location I had to go down steep roads with dirt and loose rocks, cliffs over 50 meters high, also had to go down through ropes placed on the location by local fishermen and go down the ropes more than 10 meters high. .. all this with a heavy camera bag and tripod in one hand.
after arriving down there I noticed that there were sloping walls at me, with loose rocks that looked like they were going to fall on me ... Mother Nature played very psychological game with me :P
I was at the site about two and a half hours after sunset, I left already night.
It took over 40 minutes to get out of there, alone, incommunicable and walking in the dark.
It was a risky adventure for me and for anyone else who go there in the same conditions that I was.
I've learned from this, before I go any more dangerous adventure, I must talk to someone to tell where I am going ... I was not, but I could have been trapped down there and no one would know me ....
so please, always tell someone close to you, be it friend or family member and tell where you are going to shoot. do not try to go it alone but if anyone accompany you tell someone where you are going to shoot.
I doubt that anyone read what I have written here but I feel my duty was fulfilled leaving here the message.
Yours sincerely,
André Farinha

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