Discovering the North Star

Hello everyone, I hope you're all on high wheels.
This was certainly the Astrophotography that more challenged me, which gave me more pleasure ... fo...
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Hello everyone, I hope you're all on high wheels.
This was certainly the Astrophotography that more challenged me, which gave me more pleasure ... for me it was crazy :)
The basis of the history of this photograph was nothing more or less than an attempt to overcome some fears, challenges, overcome mental barriers and so try better and better.
This all started with the desire to make a startrail bigger than those that had been done and nothing better than trying to shoot from the sunset to the birth of it!
A week before I ride my car looking for a place with ideal conditions for shooting towards the polar star, I searched half of the island to try to find a scenario that would please me and that was when, after diverting from the path where it was due to a road blocking cows were resting literally in the middle of the road, I was against this place that made me imagine all the possible scenarios for the realization of this photograph.
I start organizing subtle way two days before the big night arrived, I prepared all available batteries that had, a large flashlight with 9 stacks reserves, a smaller flashlight with 3 batteries reserves, a head flashlight, sleeping bag , appropriate clothing for adventure, some easy-sized groceries, various wipes among others.
Before arriving the evening of D-Day, I remembered how it would be awesome in some funny way, to have another camera mounted on a tripod to frame the picture, I went to a friend who there lent me his new camera and his new tripod with the promise of the next day I deliver the material in the same conditions that was lent me.
All happy, there I go to the field an hour and a half before the sunset, ride all the material, I position it in the right place in order to be well framed and properly settled to the ground (which by the way was well irregular), put a small cloth on my Canon 5D Mark III and my Canon 14mm lens f - 2.8L USM II for trying to preserve the moisture that would fall overnight, act weights to tripod to keep it steady and when the stars began to appear there first I shoot them with all the enthusiasm possible.
Photographed with the aperture 2.8, a time exposure of 30 seconds each and ISO 1600 in the continuous shot mode in Intervalometer bulb mode and there were leaving the photographs fluidly. :)
When it gets dark really, little or nothing we can see around us, then our mind is responsible for us to preach some scares,making us hear noises that never had the notion that there exist and begin to see things .. . all this happened to me, that fears - concerns those little things that over time have been accustomed me and that turned out to be very normal, until around 3 am ... starts running a herd of cows in the field next to where I was standing, shaking the ground ... I petrified and I did not know what to do at that moment could not associate that noise and that shake the ground to nothing, except to an earthquake ... slowly I got up and pointed around me with the biggest flashlight that led me to try to perceive me what was going on after me realize what it was, I sat down I put my head between my legs and started laughing like a fool !!! I screamed to decompress what was inside me and there continued to take the photos.
Over time there I had to change batteries without sudden movements to not move the tripod on which was based the camera, BUT (another "but") then faced with a problem that was constantly reappear ... the lens get foggy ... because of the front element of the Canon 14mm lens is convex moisture fell there all, even sunshade prevented (with the size that has also would not help much, truth be told) ... I ended up spending all papers I had taken, fortunately was enough
To end the Startrail in the last 10 minutes put the camera on the tripod that was already mounted on top of the rock and I went there doing some "modelism", tried to stand still and then at the end.
In the end, after process the image I was a little disappointed because I thought I'd get a much bigger startrail, like they covered me almost the whole frame in a circular way! but it was not what happen, however I loved the picture that outcome and the joy that gave me get her out.
Once again, thank you for everything.
Let there be good. :)
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loveMustangs March 09, 2016
WOW!!! Love the story...well bedtime story for me hehe
Awesome shot!!! :D
Msknyte May 30, 2016
outside PRO
outside September 07, 2019
Great job!