Monthly Pro Photo Contest Volume1

Monthly Pro Photo Contest

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Stairs church  SAINT-DOMINIQUE
We discovered some massive Sand Dunes outside Death Valley. Accessible by car and absolutely no one around - I mean No One!! The wind was pretty stron
The photo of the mother watching me, was taken while her baby (1year old) came so close to me that I couldn’t keep him in focus. Needless to say, I
Sunrise from Buda at Fishermans Bastion.
Sofia is so powerful, her jaws can explode a tennis ball. Yet she takes her 101 pounds and shows the most gentle, loving character. Ning captured her
Love in the Grass
Strike a Pose
Back garden shoot
Sight generated tag, "zebra crossing", is so ridiculous, I had to leave it.

Shot with a wide angle lens after the first dusting of winter snow.
Skyline waterlooo bridge
Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix - Peacock Staircase From Bottom to Top
I captured this shot of Wild Dogs in Kruger National Park on a WorldPix Safari.  I was also treated to a ultra-rare sighting of a Wild Dog Kill.  Incr
Studio Portrait
Possibly the best photo ever taken of me. :)
EXIF data, Lightroom preset and HD photo:
Savory Tartlet Creations
Bee at Work
Makoko stilted fishing village, Lagos, Nigeria
Alley Photoshoot
My Girl
Profile of a masai giraffe in the Serengeti, Tanzania.
Sping Summer Fashion 2019
Ready To Fly 

Rocca Calascio - Abruzzo - Italy
View over the river Arno in Firenze, Italy.

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