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Lizard Eye
Sooty Copper (Lycaena tityrus) at the morning. Photo was taken in Roztochia (Ukraine, Europe).
wings wide open
Water Vortex
Leaf Drop
This is my DOMINANT male Hummingbird.....the King of the feeder, and, for that matter, he thinks of my backyard!  He will sit at a spot where he can s
Very close and up
_DSC1139  Cone flower bud just beginning to open.
The lighting was just beautiful. I didn't not have my macro lens with me so I had to use a 100-400 mm with a 1,4 II Extender. Still I think it wo
red on yellow
lizard emerges in a plant leaf
Sometimes I like it on a bigger scale :).
A female gossamer-winged butterfly in the early morning. This is no Photoshop work - just minor adjustments.
My eye
beautiful nature
One of my first ever macros.
Three little Drops by Andreas Voigt Photography
Deep in the woods of Snowdonia
The gold tiny tree frog, comparing his size wirh colors pencils
Daisy (2)
We spent a day at the Zoo-Schmiding. We did some amazing shots, look forward to it! :)
A shot of a wasp building a nest outside my home.
This iris was taken in natural light at the botanical garden in Tucson, AZ
Found this pinecone on a walk. It had a small mushroom growing in it. It was just peculiar looking so I brought it home and took a picture of it.
End Of Summer | Beginning Of Autumn
Common Blue butterfly on Nodding Onion

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