Thank you to all the photographers that shared their photos showing lonely trees in this photo contest made possible by SmugMug. SmugMug makes it easy to safely store, share, and sell your photos online.

The collection within this photo competition's gallery is outstanding, the locations and the various techniques used are simply gorgeous. Be sure to browse all the photos! A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Justin Grimm for his collaboration as a guest judge!

Grand Jury Winner

"While there where dozens of beautiful tree images in this competition, no others matched just how isolated and alone the tree in this image feels. Even thought the tree takes up a tiny portion of the image, it is no doubt the main subject and stands out from the rest of the scene quite well. As a landscape photographer I appreciate any time special weather conditions are captured, so the fresh snow, soft light and low lying clouds knock this one out of the park for me. The cherry on top is the processing. It is very clean and crisp, plus you have managed to keep detail throughout a very difficult exposure. Very well done, and congratulations on your win! Print this shot huge please!" - Justin

Runner Up

"There were many tree reflection shots in this competition, and this was one of my favourites due to the originality of the location. I just love how the pool ends abruptly, and  it makes you wonder what is going on in this scene. The sunset colours help pull everything together and the clouds give a nice natural frame to the image. If I can give a suggestion, it would be to clone out the small spot to the left of the tree reflection, and to crop out the featureless space on the top and bottom of the frame. A more panoramic crop would go well with the long shoreline, clouds and hills. Nice job!" - Justin

People's Choice

"A very nice image, and I am glad this won People's Choice. This image does an equally nice job of giving the tree an isolated feel. The sliver of light is perfect, and does not take any attention away from the focal point. If I could give a tiny criticism, I would like to see a slightly less aggressive vignette. Either brightening it up, or feathering it out more gradually would make this an even smoother image. Very simple and clean shot! Congratulations!" - Justin