margaretgosiakossowski April 22, 2017
Beautiful image.
BorutG April 23, 2017
Thank you :-)
barbararybolt May 07, 2017
What a find! Beautiful image with an excellent description. I really appreciate that, so often I am left wondering about the subject of the image. Thank yo!
BorutG May 07, 2017
Thank you very much, for your comment and like :-) Have a nice one :-)
aidagri June 02, 2017
maureenrueffer June 02, 2017
maureenrueffer June 02, 2017
And I agree with barbarabolt, ism often wondering things too and this proves that a good story enhances a great photograph. Thanks!!
BorutG June 03, 2017
Thank you aidagri and maureenrueffer :-)
rpdhjja June 04, 2017
Very good photo...
BorutG June 04, 2017
Thank you:-)
LSlonim June 13, 2017
Simple, yet bold! Wonderful intermixing of lines, planes, textures, shades and light. Perfect placement of the windmill within the framed setting.
edrobson July 03, 2017
BorutG July 03, 2017
Thank you
anthonygerardfoley August 24, 2017
awe inspiring.
BorutG September 03, 2017
Thank you :-)

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Apr, 2017

Moravian home of Don Quijote

Windmill in Kunkovice - Derelict tower mill, with some contents remaining. Roof is in good condition, but below that things get worse - windshaft is burnt through, and remains of one gear wheel are on top floor. The single central pair of millstones remain somewhat precariously in place on the middle floor, being 1m in diameter, and the top stone is 28cm thick, with a 6cm iron shaft driving it.

The ground floor is uneven wth no stairs remaining to upper floors. Outside, the tower is on a mixture of different size bricks, with much of the rendering now breaking off, and bricks have dislodged around windows and doorways. No doors remain in place. The bare stocks of the sails remain.

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Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Image Of The Month Photo Contest Vol 21June, 2017

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