micfos November 26, 2016
Great combination ! love the lines and detail in your model. such a beautiful image that potrays imense vulnerability. great work
GordonD December 17, 2016
When the rivers run red, take the dirt road instead lol........... seriously I love the focus and blend of colours, the female form is always interesting and beautiful but rarely expressed so perfectly!!! well done ;)
Pbknphotography December 17, 2016
Perfect scene .I luv it
Millar_Images December 17, 2016
What an incredibly perfect female form! Superior in every detail. The concept is brilliant, location is essential, and model is stunning~!
BrunoHeeb December 23, 2016
absolutely amazing shot
pietnel December 28, 2016
Perfect fantastic shot
StaceyTrujillo January 02, 2017
Xtremevita January 02, 2017
Sexy figure, good focus and nice colors.
FotoPhantasia January 11, 2017
fantastic ..never seen before..x
DanaKodermac January 12, 2017
naturisk January 12, 2017
LTphotog January 12, 2017
What a gorgeous image!
tiffanyalbertbrown January 12, 2017
apr9999 January 14, 2017
Beautiful image. Beautiful woman, colour tones, composition........everything
hobart January 14, 2017
Jlrimages2 January 14, 2017
Stunning composition!
Chris_Gursky_Photography January 14, 2017
Wow! Great shot! Love it!
bill1719 January 14, 2017
where? looks like the desert.
mattarcher_7110 February 04, 2017
It is actually in Colorado. The road is close to where I live in the Denver area
michaeleastwood January 14, 2017
just beautifully taken and a beautiful model
richardlajczak January 14, 2017
nice body, nice shot
ron7cal January 14, 2017
Congratulations on your win, Matt! May all our prayers be answered like this.
Robertcwphotography January 14, 2017
This is beautiful and sexy at the same time. Love it
OLEGV January 14, 2017
Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!
AlphaMystique January 14, 2017
Absolutely classy and tells a great story, beautiful
martinrodgers January 14, 2017
Perfect captured, and congratulations on winning photo of the month.
cleeandro January 15, 2017
Ultra beautiful, evocative image!
dellerbamario January 15, 2017
musicalitĂ  di quel corpo sulle rudi linee del selciato !! la perfezione nell'imperfezione!!! complimenti!!
LuciaH January 15, 2017
Beautiful photo !!! Congratulations on your win !
dennygreen January 15, 2017
Beautiful image , beautiful woman.Great work.
rahulnegi January 15, 2017
perfect snap with fantastic angle...............................
bobvandervliet January 15, 2017
The most striking is the purity and the simplicity of the composition! And still leaves me breathtaking!! Awsomeness!!
robhansen January 17, 2017
Bravo in Composition and subject !! Well said GordonD.
bowen-pete January 17, 2017
Wonderful composition. The subtle leading lines, vignette, focus, tones and colour all work so well together.
jacovanrensburg January 18, 2017
Absolutely magnificent!
Kollogov January 29, 2017
Beautiful and Very brave.
COuld you please share the backstory regarding how such nude shoot is done in the open (outside studio)?
ppgaspar January 30, 2017
Not sure why she would be laying in the center of a dirt road, but she's beautiful anyway.
Neckbone February 25, 2017
A Winner!
andrewjchisholm May 22, 2017
Great photo
Bernard3616 August 01, 2017
wfmagee13 Apr 27
Very good image. Tastefully done and a terrific composition. The road looks comfortable enough.

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