Brad the Zombie...

Oh course, Brad wanted to be a Zombie...

Oct 29.2017
© Copyright All Rights Reserved 2017 by Melissa©Photography

Oh course, Brad wanted to be a Zombie...

Oct 29.2017
© Copyright All Rights Reserved 2017 by Melissa©Photography
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Amateur Winner Halloween Photo Contest 2017
Contest Finalist in Halloween Photo Contest 2017
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Halloween Photo Contest 2017Top 20 class
Halloween Photo Contest 2017Top 20 class week 1
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trainwoman PRO
trainwoman October 29, 2017
Bad Brad!!!! Love the humor of this
kathyk_abq October 29, 2017
Of course he did! LOL So clever!
Pjerry PRO+
Pjerry October 29, 2017
Where has Melissa aka Sweetpea72 gone too.
trainwoman PRO
trainwoman October 29, 2017
Shouldn't take long for a zombie cow from Florida to appear!!
sue-zon PRO
sue-zon October 29, 2017
Yep . . . his mom set a very bad example for him! ッ
karensommerslohre PRO+
karensommerslohre October 29, 2017
Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga November 01, 2017
That is so good!,
BenDufeck PRO+
BenDufeck November 01, 2017
I also love the humor! Teddy has gone wild!!
Forrest_Imagery November 01, 2017
Sooooooo Disturbing !!!
Teddy has gone to the Dark Side for sure.

You best make sure he is locked in the closet at night or very, bad things might happen.

Strangely, I want one of my own.
Does that make me a bad person ??? lol.
mihrt November 02, 2017
oh..........good idea..........but I think I love handsome Brad better :)
adavies PRO
adavies November 02, 2017
Nooooooooooo! Really creative, Mel! I agree with F-I though...so disturbing!...lol. :)
Samijored November 03, 2017
deannefortnam PRO+
deannefortnam November 05, 2017
Oh my!!!! really creative image
Bruz PRO+
Bruz November 06, 2017
haha Even Brad went Zombie.
Elyzabeth PRO
Elyzabeth November 13, 2017
Love this babes!
SteBil30 PRO
SteBil30 December 03, 2017
OH NO, your cute cuddly teddy has gone savage. I'm sure it's nothing LOVE can't fix.
kathyk_abq January 03, 2018
Congrats on you contest win, Mel - so happy for you and Brad! :)
texaaronpueschel PRO+
texaaronpueschel February 26, 2018
Interesting Can I get one for my Trumpy Bear Collection. All it needs is the Don's "do.
hwishnick PRO+
hwishnick August 17, 2018
What little girls nightmares are made of
carolcardillo PRO
carolcardillo December 03, 2018
Aihhhh!!!!! hahaha