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KatieMcKinneyPhotography October 01, 2015
This is SO cute! Great job with this!
terrysigns13 October 11, 2015
I saw this in the CLASSIC ANIMAL HEAD SHOTS Challenge and stopped in my tracks!
If this doesn't win or at least be a finalist, I Quit!
[well maybe not] but this is too good !
And...He's smiling for the camera! Perfect!
amckean January 20, 2017
I'm with you. Fantastic!!
bobdee October 28, 2015
love this...what a great capture!!!!...nice one!!
Badgrandad November 05, 2015
Fantastic image, one of those shots where the it surpasses the sum of its parts and works on a whole other level. Wonderful, and a superb portfolio.
ewelina79 November 07, 2015
I remember this photo from NG.com :) It's amazing and I love it! one of my fav :)
joycealicesmith November 20, 2015
Oh this is good!! Very, very good!! What splendid timing!! I'd pick this as a winner!!
nandicmb November 30, 2015
Congratulations on winning the Hidden Photo Challenge!
eelcovanroden November 30, 2015
Congratulations on your Challenge win!!
Capture-Life November 30, 2015
bahahaha... beyond precious and just plain' stinkin' CUTE!! :):) I love the title too. Makes me giggle! Cute little booger! Congratulations!!! :):)
JDLifeshots November 30, 2015
Great capture! Congrats.
beckykempf December 01, 2015
Oh, wow! This is amazing! I am awed!
michaelfmoore December 01, 2015
Simply Superb
joycealicesmith December 03, 2015
Very good!! You won!! I had no doubt!! Congratulations on a very deserved Challenge win!
chuckrickman December 03, 2015
So special. Congratulations.
chris0530 December 03, 2015
CONGRATS! Ha! Love this too! I just wanted to know how long did you have to wait to get this shot?????
Errinseye December 04, 2015
great capture!
donnarigg December 05, 2015
Just love this wee fulla. Love your image
felipeoliverarnoso December 11, 2015
Nayeefa December 14, 2015
Wow! Great photography!!
SteveHphotos December 17, 2015
dereksouter December 18, 2015
great shot - even if I do hate these little rodents
pansybrandtwinters December 21, 2015
what a capture v...awesome!!
BigFellaDave December 21, 2015
makes me wanna throw my camera away....unreal,,,stunning!
alexjevon December 22, 2015
This is so great I can't quite find the words to do it justice. It works. It's a winner. :D
Budgie December 22, 2015
Amazing shot - love it!
sharonmeyers December 22, 2015
This is one of the most amazing animal shots I have ever seen. It is a worthy winner and congratulations - well deserved award. Just amazing.
fernandoamato December 22, 2015
Amazing timing and a great capture.
Just love it.
Mihai_R December 22, 2015
Congratulations!Nice capture
MaryAnne306 December 23, 2015
This is adorable and a great capture! congratulations on being a finalist!
josebonilla December 24, 2015
Amazing shot. Gorgeous moment. Congrats.
dtparks December 24, 2015
Very nice.
mrlarrys December 24, 2015
angelacarr December 25, 2015
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
angelacarr December 25, 2015
best photo I've seen for a long time... or even ever !
absolutely love it !!!!
cmorisset December 28, 2015
Oh so cool! Congrats I love it!
Pablo-Klik January 04, 2016
magnifica foto
LoriDiane January 18, 2016
An absolutely beautiful shot. Beautiful gallery!
renakaymcguire January 20, 2016
This is my favorite picture, EVER!!!!
Iwona January 23, 2016
To Zdj?cie jest po prostu mistrzowskie. Z reszta jestem zafascynowana ca?o?ci? galerii! Wielkie brawa
ruthjolly January 26, 2016
Perfectly timed capture! Adorable!
devangshah January 26, 2016
Lovely Shot.
monikaglende February 04, 2016
Watt a great and wonderful picture congrats vor that :-))))
terrysigns13 February 12, 2016
I'm SO tickled that you've received the recognition you deserve for this Amazing Photo ! HIP-HIP-HURRAY!!!!!
kathyk_abq February 12, 2016
This is so adorable! Congrats on your award! :)
Foxyphotos February 13, 2016
joycealicesmith February 13, 2016
Congratulations on winning People's Choice! This photo always makes me smile when I see it!
josemigueltorresgomez February 14, 2016
Love it!!!
SettingSky February 15, 2016
Awesome-all summed up in one word!
okrakaro February 16, 2016
fantastic, great work!
1WolfPhotography February 16, 2016
CUTE! What a wonderful capture.
BRENDARR February 17, 2016
Amazing capture
MfWestcoast February 20, 2016
Such a cute, perfectly timed and funny picture
tarikjesenkovic February 20, 2016
robertsijka March 09, 2016
Great picture, I love the colors and the rat.
ianthomas_0997 March 20, 2016
In one word "fantastic"
awesome focus point he looks so curious
vincentwillems May 06, 2016
Excellent !
pauletteski May 08, 2016
jpworthington May 13, 2016
Perfect timing!
Tiff May 14, 2016
Great And Cute Shot, Well Done! ;)
martinrodgers May 14, 2016
Congratulations on your win. It's a no brainer that this won. so much going on in the picture. As +terrysighs13 says 'He's smiling'! The mouse just above in background and the mouse running on the ground, it's as if he has knock on their doors and ran off. I remeber playing that game when I was a kid! (Thunder & Lighting we called it, knock the door like thunder and run like lighting). May I ask how you managed it? or was luck and patience on your side?
aphotoaday365 May 14, 2016
Without a doubt...this is incredible.
Baumhaus August 13, 2016
One of my favorite photos ever :-)
scruffyherbert August 14, 2016
It hardly seems worth writing a comment because I can no more to what's already been written...........apart from absolutely stunning. Truly beautiful in every way and a complete inspiration. Wow!!
scruffyherbert August 14, 2016
Ooops..."add" should have been in my previous comment ;)
JackAlt August 16, 2016
Incredible capture!
nina050 August 16, 2016
Wow!!! Wonderful!
Crishakay August 19, 2016
Love this whole scene
HoneyLaine September 08, 2016
Such a great image, but I seriously would be screaming and jumping up on a chair.
sandramurphy_0751 September 14, 2016
awesome shot, great timing
Karine September 23, 2016
so very cute!
Cajunsol October 03, 2016
Clever shot
cyrillinegoodman October 03, 2016
Amazing Capture! I Love it! Congrats.
CarpeDeeM October 17, 2016
Pure brilliance!
libbsguajardo October 18, 2016
Wow its so perfect.
Bipz-Photography November 18, 2016
how long you have waited for the capture :) ;)
Bipz-Photography November 18, 2016
what a great work !!!
jahndiroll November 18, 2016
whoa awesome photo
CharlieV November 19, 2016
Just at the right time
CharlieV November 19, 2016
Just at the right time
TracieChristine December 19, 2016
Congratulations to you on this Amazing & Adorable capture....and to your win(s) as well !! :) This photo totally rocks!!!! :)
ChasingShadows January 08, 2017
Excellent capture!
traceymcdonald January 11, 2017
Ohmygod this is fabulous!
dancersofcornwall January 15, 2017
that is the cutest thing I have seen all day (year!!)
amckean January 20, 2017
Ohhh!!!!!!!!!! This makes me feel so girly. How adorable! Photographically, speaking: The photo varies were on your side that day. Right place, right time. So, SO great!
bathsalt February 24, 2017
Amazing photo!!
Mannacco March 30, 2017
adavies April 04, 2017
Awww! So sweet! Beautifully captured! If you haven't done so already, please consider joining my Beautiful Urbex challenge:)
https:// viewbug.com/challenge/beautiful-urbex-photo-challenge-by-adavies
JanelouisePhotographyUK April 04, 2017
joybergeron May 21, 2017
Amazing Capture!!
mihrt May 30, 2017
taken at such an opportune moment !! Nice work!
Mspradlin June 08, 2017
Perfect timing
TonyF June 21, 2017
How long did you wait!
howtodiyempire July 15, 2017
PhilFromNB July 15, 2017
I think im buying this print... incredible image
VFPinternational August 05, 2017
Absolutely phenomenal shot.
Relaan August 07, 2017
OMG! This is absolutely fantastic! STUNNING!
Mohan_photos August 16, 2017
Witmar August 17, 2017
wonderful picture!!!
larssaar October 16, 2017
Nice mice :)
RRPhotography November 14, 2017
Cool picture, i had to laugh :) The mouse is cute
HelenRea December 26, 2017
Absolutely fantastic image. The best thing of course is the capture itself but everything else ticks all the boxes too! Subject, DOF, composition, processing, sharpness. I could go no... Any wonder you have won a bucket load of awards for this shot!?
Lindaully February 21, 2018
Beyond wonderful!
ManusKnipsDings March 03, 2018
Wow Wonderful
belindalong June 14, 2018
This must have taken so much patience to shoot.
chrisbelesis September 18, 2018
Amazing capture great job!!
bobbytaylor71 December 16, 2018
Congrats on your many awards, well done ... Outstanding skill and creativity.
billwegener Feb 05
Best animal photo I've ever seen.
ssshoot Apr 15
Great shot! One in a million!
Miaonfire Jul 27
wow! amazing shot

Who was knocking on my door ?

For more check here : https://www.facebook.com/cezarywyszynskiphoto

In fact that rat running away, slightly visible on the background, knocked on t...
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For more check here : https://www.facebook.com/cezarywyszynskiphoto

In fact that rat running away, slightly visible on the background, knocked on that door ... but again it was me who was to blame ;)
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