Thank you to all the photographers that shared their best photo of babies, toddlers, kids or teenagers in this photo contest in collaboration with Clickin Moms + Click Away with chances to win a FUJIFILM XQ2 camera. Click Away is an inspirational three day, on-location shooting, learning, and social conference for photographers. The event is designed both to nurture learning and growth, as well as to foster personal connections. Click Away provides an intimate, hands-on experience that emphasizes individual learning tracks, experiential education, outdoor natural light shooting with models, and off-site excursions in and around beautiful San Antonio.

A special thanks to friend and professional photographer Renee Robyn for her collaboration as a guest judge. Renee's style is an ethereal combination of fact and fiction, merging together expertly shot photographs of unique and interesting subjects with hours of meticulous retouching in Photoshop to create easily recognizable imagery that is both stunning and distinctively her own. She currently teaches workshops around the world.

"Lady & The Tramp" by Bigredbarnphoto

"Knight's Meadow" by lightweaveme

"Anna_" by jmannimages

"cropbw" by lorrainelozzahirst_4406

"a little bit of magic" by joannagalant

"Sisters in the Leaves" by laurenapetersen

"Sophia.." by Marco1971

"Simply Beautiful" by emmahealey99

"Solitude. " by page_pierce-kuepper_6969

"Gisella" by Photomuse

"Spring is Here" by (A)ChrissyW

"New Friendships" by wonderandwhimsy

"Sunlight" by (A)twonefernandez

"Alana" by (A)jennifermclaughlinkillmer

"SHL 2015-07-03 MAKSOV PUTOVANJE 011" by sanjahitrec-leljak

"Snowflakes" by lilianagladwin

"JuJu" by AndreasMurauer

""Can You Touch Your Toes?"" by Mlou9

"untitled" by (A)lekeciasteelelee

"Army Men" by (A)esalamone

"in my little ice planet " by annarawka

"Victor - Daddy can I save this suiciding spider?" by Despird

"Her inner light..." by AndyD-Fotographix

"Fishing, fireflies, crickets and frogs" by Lynzybrooke

"CJP Mayfield Lavender Farm" by Chrisjphotography

"brightness" by jessicacammarata

"Ring Bear" by theresadelp

"Sweet Dreams" by pllphotography

"13666" by nicoleowcharcormier

"Beauty, Raw and True" by JAStandring

"Happiness is...." by keithmaynard

"*" by fotoalias

"Farm girl" by (A)alanpryor

"UWT_15302 copy" by underthewillowtree

"FOT_5598veeb" by MariaKruusenvald

"lovemyprincessdress" by TheWeddingTraveler

"Posing for real" by PatriZioMBusnel

"Tea Party" by katphotogirl

"Young flower" by HouavangPhotography

"Peekabo" by ltjorr

"Emilia" by phillipfrench

"Niña en la ventana" by elia

"Late night story time" by jennparkin

"maya" by (A)teddydomagalski

"Little Bear" by TessJOReilly

"Tommy-Sivik-Photography2015P4M_G" by tommysivikphotography

"Z" by diabarocsi

"_BJF4533" by benfaresich

"runaway" by (A)PatPro

"The Waiting" by jamiecameron

"Grace " by lisawiza

"Princess dreams" by ShannonAlexander

"Shine Bright" by suzymead

"Tracking Down the Perfect Rock" by BobL73

"Nature's Melody" by lisaholloway

"friendship" by Iwona

"DSC00312" by adrianmurray

"Tunes From My Soul" by liliaalvarado

"A Bad Hair Day" by AKUK

"Magic at Sunset" by williekers

"Making Friends" by tressiedavis

"Child Model" by JuliaAltork

"Dion" by fatjonhoxha

"Sibling love" by emmyzettergren

"First snow" by yuliastarostina

"I'd rather be fishing" by BonnieHillPhotography

"The Eyes Of A Child" by Eddie_Yerkish

"image" by rhiannonwarner

"Pretty Girl" by melissapapaj

"Little Girl" by crippledangle

"In Fields of Forever" by tinekeziemer

"Sweet Embrace" by ElenaParaskeva

"Hypnotic eyes" by Chris_Photoshooter

"Sohane" by thierryvouillamoz

"Seeds" by justinsmith

"Catcher" by sabatesphoto

"Twin Love" by normapatridis

"Little wet face" by rturnbow

"Ivanka" by karinsanders

"Eye Can See Clearly" by jborys

"Black and White ISLA" by suesmith

"hey You" by werol

"untitled" by rolandhelerand