For this fashion photo contest, we invite you to share your best photos showing people wearing winter clothes with chances to win a Leica Instant Camera and more.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Fall Imagination " by tristanduplichain

Congratulations People's Choice "Anna " by mintcoma

Congratulations Runner Up "Snowy smile " by narcisa_5892

Congratulations Runner Up "Eyes. " by canipel

Congratulations Runner Up "mood " by Marcogressler

Congratulations honorary Mention "Daria " by Olya_Go

"Katya " by maniablack

"untitled shoot-4304 " by NurseShaw86

"Cold Night " by maciejplewicki_fotografia

""She Was A Storm" " by vastdreamer

"Morning light " by albaem

"JenSnow371 " by iancartwright

"javierdelatorresebastian_aliciaentreflores_23 " by javierdelatorre

"Fun in the snow " by Child_Expressions

"Flaws makes you who you are " by AnnaDemy

"A01_0038zw " by LukaszLisiecki

"Nic " by phillipfrench

" " by christiangoodfellow

"The storm " by etrdryzt

"Anastasiya " by klepikovadaria

"Stunned by the cold " by Jesse3650

"Looking Down Reality " by albaker

"Icelandic Waterfall " by samkilman

"Warm and Cold " by NinaMasic

"IMG_7988 " by michaelleahey

"Eryn saunder " by ajcophotography

"Smoking " by atanasdonev

"Natasha " by Kerberos486

"Hunter n.01 " by stellabonatto

"untitled-710_pp.JPG " by davea

"IMG_5740whitemae " by agnieszkagulczynska

"COLD LEAF " by shemaradc

"Erika " by TravelPhotoAddicted

"SnowFashion-W063-2_pp " by Photographyofemg

"Coat " by mikkoph

" " by LionspridePhotography

"COZY WINTER " by selenesaldivar

"DS52 - Fashion skier " by ds_sanchez

"ifey on main " by capturedslc

" " by LS_PIX

"Suzanna James Knitwear " by chloegrayson

"When the night comes (Winter in the forest) " by mariamercedeszabala

"Max " by aniaciolacu

"Melray’s favorite winter hat " by holbrookgracia

"Akira Isola: 19 " by Himawari

"Green cap " by Elke666

"2017-03-05_16-24-25_Paris_02 " by jeanmarcangelini

"Dark Matter " by FONDphoto

"88_KD-2 " by Kofi001

"Beauty in coat " by Sebokvasnak

"Gaze " by RainingInsanity

"Winter chill " by Daveholdham

"FB_IMG_15768764455002203 " by nemohossam

"Winter buddies II " by danielventer

" " by SundanceDesigns

"Cold wintery day with a splash of colour " by SeasonAscent

"Fox in the woods " by RamiRHanna

"red rocks " by alexandercatedral

" " by kaitlynmareesawyer

"Walk Across " by davefromaz

" " by millieclinton

"The Full Spectrum Of Autumn’s Colors " by maykoncardoso

"Winter is c?o?m?m?i?n?g? HERE. #Spain #IllesBalears " by David8Photography