This photo contest was all about celebrating the joy and love that cats and dogs bring into our lives with chances to win a round trip to Amsterdam. The cutest, funniest, and most adorable moments of your furry friends! Whether they're chasing their tail, cuddling up, or just being their charming selves, we wanted to see it all.

Congratulations Grand Jury Winner "Dashing Leo" by HenrikSpranz

Congratulations People's Choice "Waiting for the train" by NandaJansen

Congratulations Runner Up "Kitten 2" by pavelphotos

Congratulations Runner Up "beagle pups" by Andreamartinphoto

Congratulations Runner Up "Bengal" by LelaKieler

Congratulations Honorary Mention "the eyes" by SorinMosescu

Congratulations Honorary Mention "My heart and soul amunst the tulips ❤️ " by Abbywoodphoto

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Bulldog and owner" by gingerninja242

Congratulations Honorary Mention "Black Vudoo" by FoxystylePetPhotography